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Dear all,can anyone tell me why "bgp bestpath med missing-as-worst"  command does not produce the desired result?And I use GNS3 to do this lab,IOS Version : 12.4(3)Tks...Top: 

Hello, L2 2960X - Switch L3 2921 - Router   This is the first time I've configured these using a L2 switch. I have 2 remote sites that use very old applications that only use broadcasts. These remote sites need to be able to communicate thus the use ...

dtcobra22 by Level 1
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Hello everyone, a small query, about the IOS for Router ISR1, that IOS is newer on 12.4 (24) T5 or 12.4 (15) T17, I am looking for IOS 12.4 (24) T5, and I can not find it. Second, where can I find a matrix of IOS. ????Expect you news.Regards.Fernando

Actually I have 2 (logic based) questions:   1. If a route-map PERMIT statement matches against an ACL/ACE DENY entry, my understanding of the logic is that the route-map entry has been 'denied to permit'. Does this mean that the entry is 'not permit...

mmanthe by Level 1
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Hello everyone, my question is about LSAck in OSPF, i have already learned the different types of LSAck (Implicit/Explicit) and the different senarios for each one and i have a general idea about the reliable transport protocol, but i'm little bit co...

Loubnate by Level 1
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Hi,   I've just installed new syslog, and config cisco devices to send the log to this server. my question is : how can i send all the existing log to syslog server ( the syslog collect the log  since the time when the device config only ).

duylg by Level 1
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I'm a third year comp-sci student, and having trouble with some basic setup of my network in packet tracer. My main issue is that I cannot send packets between ACMER1 to ACMER2, and ACMER1 to ACMER3. I am pretty sure I'm supposed to implement some va...

ITgrad by Level 1
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Hi All, I have bought ASA 5508-X for my office new network setup. we are planning to have 3 different servers on 3 different public IP's and 3 different local IP networks. we have 5 public IP pool from our ISP. 90.x.x.x ----> 172.16.10.x   for web se...

Good Day Guys , May be  this topic was touched here before  ,yet I wanted a more fine tuned feedback regarding Best Practices for Merging two companies  running different  EIGRP As's  into one AS My company and other company already went through the ...

MEB by Level 1
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