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Hello, on my ubr10K I can connect docsis 1.0 modems that show up and sync, but I cannot connect 2.0 and above, they dont even show up. I have docsis-mode tdma-atdma set, yet no go. Any ideas why?

dreevy by Beginner
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Hello, I am new to Mpls/Vpls technology. Many internet service provider uses this technology can anyone help me with this? I have gone through various documents but most of them are showing how to configure. One more question do i need to configure ...

Hi Guys and Girls I have a Scenario where i setup a new isp as a failover on a asa firewall (no problem here) But what about incomming traffic. EG: ISP1 goes down and ISP2 takes over, then my public ip has changed . Would you: Lower the TTL on th...

mn by Beginner
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hello, i have a router model 1800, I have enabled no service password recover on this router, and now i forgot the password, and, also, i dont have backup of my configuration, is there any way to recover it without deleting or erasing startup.conf...

Hi Dear Hope this email find you in best of health. Main Problem: My router's "running-config" lost after reload. I do "copy run start", "wr" & "wr memory" but even-then the problem exists. The main problem is router's flash with Cisco 3725...

Paki by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, I have a cisco router 881 with Cellular interface to backup the Fa4 connection I was Configured the Interface dialer 1 on my 881 but when I'm configuring the interface cellular and typing the command: "dialer-group 1" I'm getting the er...

HOT HOT by Beginner
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Hi, I have Cisco 2504 controller with 15 AP licence but one of the AP is disconnecting from the controller. After logged into PoE switch, giving shut and no shut on problematic AP connected switch port then it getting UP and after some time the issue...

S.ashok S by Beginner
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Hello,I am having a very strange data/file corruption over GRE/IPSEC tunnels. I have two sites connected with WAN links (four links, 80mbps one, 50mbps another, and 20mbps remaining ones). I am using GRE over IPSEC tunnels between sites. The issue is...

neroshake by Beginner
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we've a headqurater with two 3845-routers and about 15 satellites with 1800-/ 1900 router, wich are connected over site-2-site tunnels (GRE+IPSEC) with OSPF as routing-protocol. The headquarter has 2x 100Mbit WAN-connection. The bandwith at the satel...