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Hi Team In a company where IOS is developed and tested they use to have all the network equipments in individual hardwares such as routers, switches, traffic generators,servers etc.. Hence instead of going for hardware is it feasible to implement NF...

I'm doing a proof-of-concept for a client and the issue is that the edge wae is not registering with the central manager.The edge wae can ping the central manager's ip address and even complete a traceroute to the CM at three hops.The error is as fol...

anthony_m by Beginner
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Hey guys, I'm currently enrolled in the cisco networking academy through school, and I will be soon purchasing a Cisco 2600 series router to practice with at home.I was doing some configuring on packet tracer, and was wondering if it is possible to s...

Resolved! 3850 and BGP

This is a fairly general question, but I have a stack of two 3850 switches with the IP Services IOS (or whatever its called now in IOS 15, it's the license that removes EIGRP stub) for a new deployment with Two ISP's.  Both ISP's will hand us an Ethe...

rrfield by Beginner
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As per this table on pg.16 of the CCIE OCG ,the IDLE state does not listen for TCP connections or initiate any TCP connection. However, this text is taken from the new "Troubleshooting BGP:A Practicle guide to understanding and troubleshooting BGP" ...

Resolved! PBR Not updating

Hi all, I hope you can help.  I have 2 issues. We're implementing PBR to assist in firewall migration.  Because of the number of users/departments and suppliers we have traversing our connection, rather than big bang, rip out old add new, we're doin...

Hello I have a problem with port forwarding. I use simple 6 yrs old 4/1 port Cisco router (I don't remember model @this moment. i've added rule: ip nat inside source static tcp local-ip port global-ip port extendable and it works from outside (WAN) ...

tech128 by Beginner
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Hi All,   I’m facing all three fans in router (Model: 2851) are rotating in low in RPM, checked physically and came to know dust particles was surrounded over the fan.Hence planned to remove the fan from the device for cleaning (Since Router 2851 is ...

We have a 100 meg link to our provider. I was under the impression that QoS is really only applied when the link is saturated We have 3 "bucket" going to the provider... 1 for DSCP EF which gets the "premium bucket" 1 for AF31 which gets "enhanced...

Hi everybody, I hope you are doing fine, this is what I see: R1------R2 When I ping R1 from R2, I do see Ethernet II framing but do not see CRC. It could be Wireshark not able to decipher it, but it is my understanding it must be present in Ethernet...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Any know the command to set a outer vlan tag that is different than the inner vlan. Similar to a secondary VLAN tag but that command isn't available? Similar to below but secondary isn't an option. interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0.2 encapsulation dot1...

madcatbb by Beginner
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