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Hi, How can get Cisco Packet Tracer program. I am not registered in any academic program. Have some old Routers and ASAs. Is there any way I can get a copy? Is there any evaluation/trial program? What are the other options I have. Thanks, CTUSA2003...

I try to install the ASR920-1G-12 license on ASR920-12SZ-IM to active 12x1G, but it says "not supported" during installations. Anybody know if L-ASR920-1G-12 is for this ASR920 platform? I really suspect that is not the case.

sbrobak by Beginner
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I was attempting to use my C2801 as the hub in a frame relay setup. However I am only able to go up/up on 2 of the 3 devices needed for this topology. Is this a software limitation? Or am I over looking something here? R2Cisco_2801#sh inventory NAME...

jammcrae by Beginner
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Dears,  ISR4431 is showing 84% of CP DRAM utilization in our NMS. From CLI i see the same ie used memory is 84%. But the committed memory is just 39%. My question is what is committed memory? Do I need to upgrade DRAM? Or need to tshoot? Kindly adv...

Hello, I am trying to implement per tunnel QoS in DMVPN as per the document: Based on this document I b...

sqambera by Beginner
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Haven't had a chance to test this in a lab yet - Reading the OSPF design guide and have a query. If I have 4 routers all using plain text authentication on the same LAN Segment but using two different passwords. Router 1 and 2 have same password, Rou...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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I have a question In OSPF Neighbor Adjacency. Can anybody help me to understand. Below is my scenario with 2 Routers and each router configured with 3 loopback interface and two Fast Ethernet interfaces are up.(Router A – loopback networks:

skazeem96 by Beginner
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Has anyone ever be able to trigger default-information originate if the current routing process does not have a default route. I have been able to get something similar to work using a route-map and triggering on a certain address.  Basically, I wan...

astoffel1 by Beginner
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Hi, I have cisco 1941 wan router. I have Ebgp routing with ISP. I have my own AS number. Problem we are facing is 1 specific website' page is loading blank. I tried to ping that website, it worked perfectly. I tried to trace route that website, it w...

Hello, am setting up an ISP and I want to know if it's possible to use a cisco switchports to bandwidth manage clients, and if it's not possible,any other good solution that can be suggested. thank you

Dear I am new here and beginner in routing and switching. We have two office locating in different cities. We have purchased VPN connection. The ISP gave us two VLAN address pool one for Internet and one for Data Link. I have successfully entered rou...