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Resolved! Cisco 2800 Config

Hello everyone, I've adopted a Cisco 2800 series router as part of a change of IT contract, and I'm trying to reconfigure for LAN to WAN access. I've come up with the following configuration, but I'm a little uneasy as I've never really worked with o...

Cisco Router Performance

Does Cisco have a document with recommended maximum throughput/bandwidth for their different router models? I found a document on router performance dating back to 2009, so I'm looking for something more current. Thanks.

Resolved! Double NAT assistance

HelloI am trying the setup a Cisco 2801 router behind my Comcast router. I do not want to put the Comcast device in bridge mode, I want to use the wireless from it. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. This setup worked fine when I was using an old L...

QoS Policy question

 Ok looking at this policy:  Beside all the voice protocols that I am defining in the first class map, I want the rest of the traffic no matter what it is to fall into the default class map. So does this work?   class-map match-any MPLS_VOICE_CHILD  ...

Vlan command issues

The exact commands given where CMERouter1#configCMERouter1(config) #interface vlan 1                                                ^% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. The setup for the vlan database names worked fine but when I did aCMERouter1(...

sintel001 by Beginner
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Cisco 2801 + WIC-1T PROBLEM

Hi all,I'm a Korean engineer and I have problem,,, so I posted this issue. Was WIC-1T NOT supported on CISCO 2801?Actually, at first time, The LED on WIC-1T was light on,But, taking cable from WIC-1T, and after time goes by about 10 minutes, I insert...

Load Balancing of TWO ISP in cisco 1905 router

Hi, I have one Cisco 1905 router with TWO MPLS link and need to do load balancing between two link. As i read some document and understand that i need to do PBR and Access List. So am i right?As per understand, I need to define two Static default gat...

KR SHAH by Beginner
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