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Resolved! Router Config

I am upgrading from a 2851 to a 2951.  The issue I have is with the IP's associated with my static NAT statements.   Example, from a server I have a static NAT statement; I am able to ping both the G0/1 and G0/0 interface...but I was not able to pin...

gcarson73 by Level 1
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Hello All, For every 3-5 hours (not sure about time), we are getting request time out (10 packets) on the link. Before tracing the ip, to know where packet is getting dropped, the ip is reachable. Is there any command or script to trace in advance w...

hello , our antivirus ask us to block few ips in network.those ip are from Internet.  queries - our Network structure is first come router-firewall-core. where i can block infected ip address ? on router or on firewall . if in router then please pr...

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade to an ASR 1001 but throws me the following error Router#issu loadversion rp 0 file bootflash:asr1001-{rpaccess,rpios,rpcontrol}*03.16.01a.S.155-3.S1a-ext*.pkg bay 1 force--- Starting local lock acquisition on R0 ---Finishe...

Dear cisco, We have Cisco 1941 with ADSL card, we need config this device go to internet via by ADSL, after doing the configuration, the ATM is up, dial 1 up, but it not receive IP Address and not connect to the internet, below is my configuration: B...

hi,i was checking today the document "Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization Due to Interrupts". This talks about cpu load due to long access lists and also talks about using netflow switching with CEF to improve the process of access list and switchin...

Resolved! DMVPN

Hi I am trying to configure DMVPN but my tunnel ip can't ping each other. I have connected two routers more like a hub and spoke network ut I only have one conneted at this stage for testing purposes.Please check why my router's cant ping my device, ...

I am having trouble setting up my backup link in my 2911 router.  I have a the main link activated, but when I put in the fail over IP address, it dones not route out.  Any help is appreciated.

ajones153 by Level 1
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