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Resolved! NAT issue - (over same link) static-NAT works but PAT (for rest of hosts) does not !

Hello fellow engineers!I have a puzzling situation implementing an Internet routing pilot project and I need someone with a fresh look at the matter because I cannot make-out what the problem is…Scenario description:2901 router with two (one used) DS...

costaspal by Beginner
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BGP flapping

Dear Team my router gateway is my BGP neighbor without the BGP configured, im able to ping my gateway with no loss of ICMP .if BGP is configured, then if i ping to my gateway, i get packet loss.BGP drops when packet drop.eBGP peering establishes, the...

nany96901 by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP Route Filtering via Prefix-List Help

Hello, I'm trying to understand why a prefix-list is not working the way I thought it should. I have a LAN Subnet, that I want to be able to access the core network but I do not want the core to be able to access it. In other words, I w...

Rob in NC by Beginner
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Resolved! Any one can explain "interface cmp-mgmt module 1" in Nexus 7k ?

Hi, In Nexus7k, there are several commands like the below, Any one can explain it to me ? Thank you. interface cmp-mgmt module 1      ip address      ip default-gateway cmp-mgmt module 2      ip address ...

wfqk by Contributor
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Resolved! EIGRP Route Filtering via Route-Map Help

Hello, I'm trying to understand why a route-map I've configured isn't filtering a route. Below is a screenshot of the GNS3 topology I'm working on. I am trying to Filter the route,'s Loopback1) on Router R6 towards R9. I do not w...

Rob in NC by Beginner
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If we have 50 sites on MPLS and MPLS provider running BGP on CE router. Which routing protocol should we use on LAN side and Why ? Can we use BGP on LAN side. Can we ask MPLS provider to run OSPF on CE router ?Appreciate your help.Irfan

irfansbp76 by Beginner
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changed native vlan, now can't access switch

Greetings, Switch A has an ethernet interface trunked (manually set to native vlan 20) and it was communicating with Switch B (also an ethernet interface that is trunked - which was still using the default native vlan 1). During some testing/troubles...

Resolved! Uploading an IOS via direct CPU console cable

I am going to be upgrading Cisco IOS images from some old switches, routers and firewalls for a work project.  I will be connecting to these devices via laptop w/Windows 7.  I am trying to figure out how to upload the new IOS files to the Cisco devic...

Resolved! Adding a new phone to the system.

Hi, I have a Cisco 2910 IOS Router which is configured for VOIP. I have added the following configurations on the router.Please confirm if what other command to issue as I got the phone (Dialtone Presence) up but I can't ring out voice register dn  2...

Advertise Nat network into BGP

I have a question regarding Nat translation and BGP I have 1 network that I am using nat and would like to add this network into bgp. I have been told the only way to do this is via null route is there a better way of doing this?

IPSEC ikev2

Hi, I have a question regarding IPSEC VPN using IKEv2 and certificates. i have a standalone RootCA and subordinateCA that I have setup for my ASA 5500-x and I am trying to achieve setting up a VPN community using asdm 7.1. I have setup the VPN betwee...

HWIC-3G-GSM V01 and 2811 V06 --- SMS Support ?

Guys,I have the a HWIC-3G-GSM V01 and a 2811 V06 router in my office.  We are running version 15.1(4)M10 IOS Advanced Security.I have been trying to verify the support for sms messaging.  Can anyone direct me to a verified answer.Thanks,Wallace

Wallace by Beginner
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Cannot Ping Sub-Interface Address

We have a 3845 (gi0/0) directly connected to a 7606 (gi3/24) with the following config: 7606====!!interface GigabitEthernet3/24 description to er-EDCENTER ip address ip policy route-map unfiltered!!interface Vlan160 ip add...

dtom by Beginner
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