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Hi Guys,Can we do this? can we send multiple show commands together in the CLI? something like this#show ip int br , show cdp nei#(out put of show ip int br)#(out put of show cdp nei) 

pgamage by Beginner
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Hi,I have a 877VAM router. Everything works ok until the reload, the router comes up but it does not connect to the internet. The only way i found it works is to ssh in, shut down dialer1, remove it, create it again, and past the same exact configura...

Is there a way to insert a pause to wait for keyboard input when pasting a series of commands? For example I would like to paste this from a text file: Router(config)#Interface Gigabit0/1Router(config)#shutdown<pause and wait for a tap on the keyboar...

msauvola by Beginner
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When I dir all, some 6504 shown up both disk0: and sup-bootdisk:, some shown just one of them only, even have samiliar module WS-SUP720-3B or VS-S720-10G, could help to explain the reason and what's different between disk0 and sup-bootdisk? and comma...

Hello,today I found 2 our routers without routing command, "ip route" and "router eigrp" are delete from running-config, meanwhile they are inside startup-config, when I try add again them, routers tell me i can't because disable routing, so I add "i...

Hello,Is there a command, which one can use to view the current wifi password for a wireless network from a cisco router. e.g a 1900 series router..?EDITAlso what is the command to CHANGE a wireless network password from a router such as cisco 1900 s...

buzzhani1 by Beginner
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The following error message generating on cisco 7206 vxr router and some time channelized stm 1 port also down. Plz help me to resolve issue   Jul 23 15:14:22.777: %AAA-3-ACCT_LOW_MEM_UID_FAIL: AAA unable to create UID for incoming calls due to insuf...

nickeral by Beginner
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Hello,I tried to upgrade my Cisco IP phone7940 from SCCP to SIP. After files uploads, the phone display "Protocol Application Invalid" in the LCD Screen.The menu button is not enable.What is my problem, can you help me.Best regards  

jayul2010 by Beginner
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Hello,I have 5 public IP provided by ISP.  Lets say /39/40/... Currently I have Cisco Router 891 K9 security router.However I am able run internet in my LAN using cisco router 891 - k9 but when I am using public IP on my servers it sa...

mesantosh by Beginner
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Hi,1.I have just configured the Cisco 2821 router with NAT enabled.2.I did run " show ip int brief" to check whether all interfaces are in no shut mode3.I found interface NVI0 still remains in "admin shutdown"4.Will this NVI0 interface changes status...

Cisco 2821      InterfacesSoftware Version System imageNVRAMRAMATA CompactFlashGigSerialE1         C2800NM-SPSERVICESK9-M12.4(9)T6c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-9.T6.bin239K bytes514048K/10240K bytes126000K bytes222  installing below HWIC card in Cisco ...