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Hi, I'm using a few ASR9006's running IOS XR Version 5.3.1, and I'm trying to get RPKI Validation working for neighbors inside a VRF:   My config looks something like this: router bgp ASN nsr bgp router-id x.x.x.x rpki server y.y.y.y transport...

Resolved! 2960g and bgp

Hi, I have a switch cisco 2960G with some vlans configured, all is ok, now I need to receive an additional link with BGP4 and receive a C class ip pool.I have always used a dedicated router to receive BGP4, but have never used a switch to do it. My d...

omar.armas by Beginner
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Hi guys. I don't know if I have come to the right place but I have a small query that I would like some help with. I am currently doing the CCNA learning course so I don't know much about these expansions. I bought a 2821 router with a NME-CUE and a ...

My question boils down to this, is there anyway to use the backup interface command on a DMVPN tunnel. I have the hub and spoke working, but when I remove the hub I would like the spokes to create tunnel to each other, but only when the hub connectio...

astoffel1 by Beginner
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Hi, we are migrating our VPN Hub routers from ISR 3825 to ISR 4451-X. With the 4451-X everything works fine, except the per-tunnel qos When a spoke is signaling its nhrp group, the hub returns this error message %NHRP-3-QOS_POLICY_APPLY_FAILED: Faile...

I have a CRS-8/S-B. We have getting the log message:RP/0/RP0/CPU0:Hostname#show logg | inc %MEDIA-NVRAM_PLATFORM-3-BATTERY_LOWLC/0/0/CPU0:Aug 19 17:52:05.027 : nvram[66]: %MEDIA-NVRAM_PLATFORM-3-BATTERY_LOW : NVRAM low battery detected, battery needs...

I have a question - can I dynamically assign the route metric to a static route? Background:  I have a Hub-and-Spoke setup that uses DMVPN to create the tunnels.  It is possible that the spokes talk to two (or more) different hubs.  The spokes have a...

                  -----R9R8---SW<                 -----R7  So lets say I would like to to form static neighbors with eigrp in the above topology where R8 neighbors with R7 and R9(but R7 and R9 do not). In ospf its pretty straight forward, set the int...

astoffel1 by Beginner
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Hello, We have a few ASR 1001-x routers with SPA-4XT3/E3 cards, which have a smaller connector than we typically see on a DS3 card.  I bought some short jumpers for the staging area, but they don't appear to be be very reliable.  Can anyone recommend...

rrfield by Beginner
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