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QoS 881 router not policing

Hi,I'm trying to setup QoS policing to limit bandwith for some protocols. I'm using a 881 router.I just want to police the traffic for the protocols and configured this: class-map filetransfer match protocol itunes match protocol bittorrent match pro...

Help with OSPF through MPLS/BGP

Attached is a network diagram.I want to setup OSPF throughout and also advertise a default route. The ISP that provides private MPLS runs BGP and will redistribute all OSPF routes to the PE routers (PE1, PE2, PE3, and PE4). I cannot configure the PE ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Cisco disaster recovery design

Dears,I need helping for designing disaster recovery between two sites. The customer want 2 cisco catalyst 6500 series switch as core devices at each sites.designing physical and logical connection between two 6500 swiches at each sites?(solution1)de...

PBR - Questions

Hi Friends,Imagine the simple scenario, with interface inside to lan address, and two ISP links. I would like to know, if is possible, the follow situations, and please could you send the examples and articles explain how to do this, using router Cis...

Resolved! QOS for PCoIP on a 3850

Teradici advises that packet loss be kept below 1% in PCoIP. I know that UDP is not guaranteed to arrive in order but, again according to Teradici, out of order packets may be considered as dropped packets.  One suggestion is to turn on WRED on the 3...

LLQ policy and cisco 888EA

Hi everyone, I have  a problem with llq policy and a cisco 888EA router. In my test lab, i have an interface vlan1 which connect lan. Second interface is a vlan 3 and simulate a wan connection.From my linux laptop i send 20Mbit/s of udp trafic, and a...

Resolved! BGB Best path selection

Hi,Could someone tell me why second path remains as best? MPLS_CORE#show ip bgp routing table entry for, version 27Paths: (2 available, best #2, table default)  Advertised to update-groups:     1           Refresh Epoch ...

Network Design Review - Best Practices

Looking to start a discussion around best practices for inbound network design at the core. The planned devices are as followings:Edge Routing / DMVPN - Cisco 2951Cisco UCM / IP Phone VPN Concentrator - Cisco ASA 5512-XCisco AnyConnect SSL Client Con...

adamtodd16 by Participant
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