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my company buy a isr 4451,what command i can show the item 1.4 1.5 1.9  memory1ISR4451-X/K9Cisco ISR 4451 (4GE 3NIM 2SM 8G FLASH 4G DRAM)1.0.1CON-SNT-ISR45XK9SMARTNET 8X5XNBD Cisco ISR4451 (4GE,3 Duration: 12 Month(s)1.1SL-44-IPB-K9IP Base License fo...

I am having following debug error while configuring ADSL using pppoe on Cisco 2921 series router. Please suggest solution  %DIALER-6-BIND: Interface Vi2 bound to profile Di1*Oct  6 14:58:21.866: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access2, changed stat...

Rizwan by Level 1
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Hi Dear, Kindly,we need to define a fix IP address (static) for each IMSI number on a specific APN. and the RADIUS server will do the job to assigna fixed IP address for all IMSI numbers every time doing a PDP context, so, in that case, which of belo...

  Hi, we had power failure it cause all network equipment to reload but the Cisco router 2811 didn't come back . when i connect to console cable its show the following message : System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T11, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical ...

hi all,we've got some few old routers that will be replaced to a 3925 question is, are the old cards PA-MC-8TE1+ (from 7206VXR) and VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 (from 2911) compatible to VWIC3-2MFT-T1/E1=

I need to connect multiple (3 - to start with) DSL modems to a 2801 router.  The router is connected to a point to point bridge with another 2801 on the other end.  Can I route traffic over the bridge and then break it out to a specific DSL uplink po...

Dear Team, We have an issue to log in(though we type correct credentials it doesn’t log in) using Cisco Network Assistant for the model Cisco 2960-S Series POE. Some of the community support says this  model is not supported for cisco network assista... by Level 1
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Hi I have MPLS clouds from the ISP, to connect two hub sites with 2 spoke sites. Each hub site has a single router each but have an internal L3 link between them. Each hub connects into both DMVPN1 and DMVPN2. The hubs also have a connection between ...

All,I had a couple more questions about qos brought up to me:Example:policy-map Testclass Voicepriority percent 20class Mediumbandwidth remaining percent 60class Lowbandwidth remaining percent 30class class-defaultbandwidth remaining percent 10Let's ...

I was at one point able to with it with a DHCP.  I was jumping up and down for joy.  Now I'm back in the trenches, on a battle field hurtling grenades. I need to set up a static IP address on a computer.  Lets go with netmask 255.255.25...

paulbrosef by Level 1
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Hi,I'm wondering if someone of you is aware of the IOS/XE release requirement to get the "route change history" include in the output of the "show domain <domain name> master traffic-classes".- Hub MC = CSR1000v 3.16.0.S- Hub Borders  = 4451 3.15.01....

dlongpre by Level 1
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