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I want to NAT single inside IP to multiple outbound IP's based up on the destination subnet. For example : My appserver should be natted to for packets tx/rx toward customer1My appserver should be natted to for packets tx/rx tow...

S Kumar by Level 1
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Resolved! Routing Decision

Hello engineersLook to below exhibition, OSPF,EIGRP,STATIC,RIP imagine any routing protocol is applied on routers for routing.Now i intend to ping interface /8 on R3, My default gateway is R1s interface IP, when packet arrives to R1, R1 f...

M.Sultan by Spotlight
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We have an ASA 5515 with dual ISP providers (Comcast & AT&T) set up. We have made no changes in regard to the Comcast interface nor the AT&T interface for about a year. All of sudden yesterday we were getting intermittent disconnects and reconnects (...

I have a simple network setup, 10 PC's including 2 servers. Trying to grant access to an outside 3rd party who can only use RDP to get into the server. I'd like to limit open access for RDP by narrowing it just by that persons IP address. But when I ...

Siyata by Level 1
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Hello everybody, I have this problem for 2 days and I don't know what to do,>sh processes cpu | exclude 0.00%__0.00%__0.00%CPU utilization for five seconds: 76%/67%; one minute: 84%; five minutes: 91%PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Se...

Hi I have cisco 819g-4g when i install sim 4g and config the apn it didnt connect to the service provider If i take the same sim and config on asr1000 with the same configuration  its works What can be the problem?The 819g come with modem sierra mc77...

tikshoret by Level 1
  • 17 replies
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Hi all,I have been trying to make better understanding on remote-LFA.I read below sentence in some document..P space :-it is the set of routers that S can reach without passing through the link SE (including ECMP)Would anyone mind to explain that wha...

Hi Everyone.I have Cisco Router 3945 that has been configure with 2 neighbor BGP. and sometimes BGP is flapping only few second and its say error no supported AFI/SAFI.Could you let me what could be a reason for it?Apr 2 19:14:55.147 GMT: %BGP-3-NOTI...