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WAN speed limitations

Hello,Trying to find a good fit for a home router.  My goal is to have a full IOS setup to assist in my studies and I'm on to the router/firewall piece.  Was looking at an 871 as I could accomplish the fw and routing in this device, however in my rea...

RV042 - Issue while coneccting 2 Wan

Hi,I have this issue. I have a RV042 and 2 different internet providers. I am trying to use the the second connection as a backup of the first one. I have configured correctly all the settings (i believe ), I made the first WAN make a ping to google....

Resolved! help with a 2621 cisco router

hello ive been running into a serious problem with  my router.  Im inexeperienced with cisco routers and learned a little bit in college.  What i was wondering was how to get the internet to my computer with my router.  My setup isInternet -> router ...

7500 WAN Router Port Numbering

Can someone explain what the port numbering that i am seeing using CDP means please?S0/0/0/15:0what i understand is as follows, Serial Module/Slot/Port/???:Controller Channel?we have an ISP which has NNPs with XO.  our ISP is providing MPLS services ...

Packet Shaping Appliance

Dear FriendsWe are looking for a packet shaping appliance, the can classify and paly with traffic upto layer 7.please advise any suggestions on this type of products.thank you   Regards Vinayak       

does asymmetrical routing affect dhcp?

Hello experts,Does asymmetrical routing affect dhcp?Ip-phone is not getting ip from dhcp server located in remote site?We have helper-address configured. There are many ip phones. Some get ip and some time out. I checked n found somehow asymmetrical ...

get_rthym by Beginner
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CCS Router 1000V - Applying License

Hi All,I have installed the above virtual router. I've also purchased a 3yr subscription 100Mbps license for it, but not sure how to apply my key to the router. It doesn't seem to be the same commands used when applying licences to physical routers.A...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! route-map permit {match tag}

Hi all,I have some problem on route filtering.I have two sites have OSPF neighbor relationship. I would like to filter OSPF route by route tag. I want to only permit only specifi route tag, and deny the rest.SITE A <--OSPF--> SITE BSITE B router have...

NetFlow NAM

Dear,I have a NAM installed on 6509 with FWSM, i want to monitor traffic for FWSM is it possible through NAM ??Thanks                 

memory upgrade cisco891 invalid

Hi TeamI have cisco891-K9 with memory MEM8XX-256U512D, currently we want to upgrade memory to 768 with part number MEM8XX-512U768D. why when we put the memory 768 to the router device we found error message like thisSPD info: Invalid module bank dens...

yusufbudi by Beginner
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887va ADSL/aal5snap Configuration Problem.

Hi All,We have currently bought a new 887va Cisco Router.I have a problem in configuration. Just cant get what wrong. ISP--Cisco887va--FortyGate (like using router as modem)Thank You.Current configuration : 1760 bytes!! version 15.2no service padserv...

Resolved! Null 0 interface explanation

I'm developing a course concentrating on ACLs and how routers handle traffic.  One of the topics I'm discussing is how Null 0 interfaces can be used to remove unwanted traffic.  I've read the attached document from CISCO and it states that Null 0 int...