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Hi all,I am setting up a new 2911 with a ES2-16p switch module.  My question is, do I have to set up a trunk between Ge 1/0 on the router and Ge 0/17 on the switch if all traffic will be carried over VLAN 1?  I know this is not recommended usage, but...

asdraper1 by Beginner
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I am very concerned regarding my setup options for this AP. What is the purpose in providing a GUI, if there is no documentation that demonstrates how to use it? While I am confident that given time and training I can become proficient using the CLI,...

I just saw a video where a guy had a Router, 4 Switches, and 4 hosts. In his topology, the Router actually was considered the Root Bridge for STP. Apparently the Router had a lower MAC Address than any of the switches. Does this sound right???

 Hi All, I have a 2801 which on which I see sudden rise in CPU util for approx 1 minute constantly close to 80%, by the time my monitoring tool tells me this and I login to check the reason its back to normal. So I enabled an EEM script to check what...

 Hi Experts,Can  u please explain the diff between ios,ios-xe and nx-os in architecture level or points me some gud articles on this topic?... I am trying to understand the difference between catalyst,ASR and Nexus devices.. Thanks,Arun

Arun by Beginner
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Hi allwhen we enter show ip bgp command, the bgp table will show.first column is * ( valid), what does valid mean? Can someone explain it to me? thanks

Hi All, I have tried prioritizing traffic from a server IP address to users. I could find the ping statistics remain steady after the prioritization but the http application stopped working. The server is in remote data center and its connected to th...

 I am trying to upgrade a 819 3G router with IOS version 15.2(4)M3 to the latest 15.4.2. Once upgraded the 3G fails to connect and I cant manage the SIM on the Cellular interface in CCP, its greyed out. Am I upgrading the 819 wrong? Does the Cellular...

Windows server 2012 R2 has not always been the best for me when it comes to remote desktop, sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn't.Today i put the 2012 behind an ASA internal net and i tried to remote desktop to it also from the same internal...

aeronav01 by Beginner
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Проблема:Видео (даже 144p !!!) на ютуб кэшируется, проигрывается кэш, замирает, на минуту, пять, десять, час, два, потом может чуть-чуть еще закэшировать, может окончательно подвиснуть. При этом страницы грузятся мгновенно, speedtest показывает 5-10 ...

Dear all,I am facing a Tacacs issue with 15.3 image on 1941 router..Basically when we ordered new 1941, the default image we got was  c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-1.T1.binNow we have two privilege levels configured for different users group on Tacacs...

Hello, I have the Cisco 2811 router. When I switch it on i get:Upgrade ROMMON initializedprogram load complete, entry point: 0x8000f000, size: 0xcb80program load complete, entry point: 0x8000f000, size: 0xcb80program load complete, entry point: 0x800...