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Hi,  I have got my sever in two location. They are in location between the distance of about 2 KM. I have got a fiber connectivity between these two location. I want to get the HA environment on ASA 5515. How can I maintain the active/active or activ...

Hi, I want to know if router on stick router use native and switch use allowed word and vice versa than router will ping to host if we use same VLAN for trunk and access. Suppose that VLAN 2 for trunk and access now if I use 1-Router (NATIVE VL 2)---...

folksi need to look for a tacacs server so i'm looking for recommendationsi've used the acs se1113 before but found the hardware unreliablei also want a box that i can configure routing oncan anyone out there recommend an appliance or software they h...

I have a asa 5505 at the corporate office which has a site to site with another asa 5505 at a remote location. at the remote location there is a vendor that has opera pms software running.  I can access the opera software from the remote location. I ...

I'm new to networking and trying to understand why our consults configured our network the way they did.   To our L3 core switch, we have one port,  gig0/2, connected to an ASA via access port vlan 2 that is connected to one our of ISPs.  The ASA (10...

Hi All, wondering if someone could lend some ideas for a highly redundant network architecture I'm working on.  I'm doing this mostly to help me on my path toward CCNP, but this could also serve as a template for a redundant branch office.  My questi...

david by Beginner
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hi,In this topology Rip and Ospf redistributing routes each other. R2 and R3 is ASBR and both routers doing mutual redistribution. Rip routes have tag 200 and Ospf 300. i use route filter tag to avoid routing loops in this topology but when R3 try to...

feroz syed by Participant
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Resolved! BGP Soft reset

 HiIn my configuration we have BGP peering with ISP and we have configured route-map to mach particular routes to be learnt from ISP on inward direction.We are planning to update the route-map but for changes to get into effect i need to perform soft...

lmanavalan by Beginner
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our site occur five times supervisor failover once a month since last year(11.18.2013) [BELOW] our failure chassis information ************************************************************************** SW_1#sh redundancy states my state = 13...

start_up by Beginner
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