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I know BGP runs on Application layer but what about other routing protocols? Please also explain which routing protocol doesn't run on Cisco switches?If possible, explain otherwise request to provide some good URL from which I get the relevant inform...

krdeepak2u by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Advertisements

We currently have 2 ISP providers and advertise the same /20 to both of them but the load balancing of incoming traffic is not to our liking. If we advertise 4 /22 blocks instead of one large /20 to one of our ISPs and basically set up route-maps to ...

Hey folks,We are converting our offices from MPLS to VPN Site2Site tunnels.the tunnels are all operating properly with all traffic going in both directions.Our issue is with Traceroute between sites.On MPLS, everything replies during a traceroute. Be...

Lee Dress by Beginner
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I was assign to design a network that will cover the traffic of IPTV, IP Telephony, Data and Wireless access point. My core is WS-3750X-24S-S = 1 pcMy Distribution is WS-2960S-48PS-L = 14 pcs                               WS-296024PS-L    = 2 pcs My ...

Hi everyone, We have a few sites all interconnected through VPLS and are coming around to realizing our current OSPF network type is not the best choice. Because it is an Ethernet handoff, the default OSPF network type is Broadcast which in this case...

I have Cisco 3750, 2960 and 2960-s. I configured vlan in 3750 and trunk it to 2960 and 2960-s. The 2960 is working fine, However 2960-s  not able to learn any vlan. If use switchport mode access it able to connect to vlan1. But if i use switchport ac...

arumut_02 by Beginner
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Hi, My colleague and i are struggling to originate a IPv6 BGP default route from one of our core switches to an eBGP peer. This is the configuration (below) we have tried and does work within GNS3 running the same IOS but it doesn't seem to work on o...

hi allwhen we talk about WAN Network Service like Frame-Relay or ATM, ISDN,inside their cloud, could Ethernet Technology be exist ?or the devices have to be all related to that technology !?Unfortunately I am not working in ISP, I understand the Tech...

I purchased a used 3620 router that came with a NM-2FE2W interface card.  When I run sh int, no interfaces are displayed.  Currently the IOS version on the router is 11.1, and according to the link below this interface card requires at least IOS 12 t...

vendors04 by Beginner
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 im having this sentences when i type show log in the router , could you tell me if I have a problem ?? *Apr 14 15:58:37.167 %CR:YPTO-5-GM_REGSTER: Start registration to KS for group group1 using address*Apr 14 15:59:47.16...

abecerraf by Beginner
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