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Hi all,I'm  having issues establishing PPTP sessions through my wireless network  out to a remote PPTP server. Traffic leaves the network ok, I can verify this showing the traffic being translated on the router from my internal subnet to the public a...

I'm not a network expert but I am attempting to finish up a project started by someone else which is a setting up a guest wireless network. I'm having an issue where the machine connects to the SSID but doesn't get an ip address from the DHCP server ...

gleung001 by Beginner
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Hi Experts,I was tasked on configuring our MPLS network from sitea-to-siteb.Thing is, I know that MPLS is configured on the SP network. So I'll only be configuring the routing protocol from CE-to-PE. In addition, I only need to configure the CE route...

We are currently designing a new branch router solution that will utilize the Cisco 2921 ISR G2 Router.  Any feedback positive or negative will be greatly appreciated, thanks for your assistance…Here is the tentative solution:Hardware:               ...

Texas_Bay by Beginner
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We are using the 4G HWIC in the cisco 2900 ISR routers for backup WAN connectivity via VPN tunnel. I have built EEM scripts that enable the cellular interface when the primary ISP (interface) fails. working cellular status......Radio Information=====...

This is a bit long, so bear with me. I have a strange issue, which I can't say if it is causing any problems. I've configured a hierarchical QoS policy on the hub router of our network. It has a WAN speed of 20Mbps, while the DR site has a speed of 1...

sganpat by Beginner
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Hi all:  First off, if there is a better place for me to post these questions, please point me in the right direction.OK, my company has three offices, a main and two branches.  Each branch is currently connected back to the main office via sperate p...

Hi All, We have 3 ISPs providing us MPLS links to our Datacenter Routers as a primary and Secondary ( Kindly refer to the attached diagram ppt).These will be connected on our Primary and Secondary MPLS Routers  in Auto-failover mode. We have n number...

rite2anil by Beginner
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     I was faced password issue after trying to recover my router password my router is not booting up to normal mode now its only show ROMMON1> mode how will rectify this.  I was tried to restart and even tried to change CONF value but not workingho...

Hi ,I am configured VRF SW1 and SW2 in the below topo in both R1 and R2, but still i am not able to get the correct output for sh ip ro VRF..Configs in R1 : ip vrf SW1 rd 100:1 route-target export 100:1 route-target import 100:1!ip vrf SW2 rd 100:2 r...

ramesub2 by Beginner
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