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Resolved! Verify Tunnel Bandwidth alottment

Hey Guys,I have a lot of tunnels that are misconfigured as having a bandwidth alotment of 9kbps and such, and are showing up in my monitoring tool as 1300 percent overutilized. I verified the interface that they are sourced over, but I need to know h...

bdaniel03 by Beginner
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Troubles with PPPoE with dual WAN

Hi everyone. I've set up my home network with two connections to my ISP. They both seem to terminate on the same BRAS, hence using the interface for the route as opposed to the next hop for the route, along with the fact they've given me /32 addresse...

Resolved! Netmask Question

I'm trying to learn about routing, so I'm messing around with some older Cisco routers and switches. Here's something that I've never understood and would love for somebody to explain. Lets say that I have two routers and a network, a ...

ZaneZ by Beginner
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ASA VPN issue

I am having an issue setting up a new sites ASA, the VPN tunnel comes up but i just cant ping anything across it. I have done the usual checks, nat rules etc but just cant see the problem. I have even wiped the ASA and copied the config from a workin...

Resolved! iBGP and eBGP

Hi, I have a topology that mixed eBGP (AS 200 and 65 000) and iBGP (AS300, EIGRP). In AS 300 is 4 routers and 2 of them are ASBR. In these routers I have all routes of AS 200 and 65 000, but in some routers that do not participate in this BGP routes ...

Port Forwarding ( PAT ) issue on ASA5505

Hello all,I have a very weird issue concerning PAT.I have an ASA5505 with ASA8.2(2) running. The outside interface is on "dhcp setroute" mode and receives an IP address from our ISP. The inside interface is connected to a switch with desktops connect...

Resolved! differt types of pings

Hello,I am trying to do some of these commands on router. what actually happens behind the background when i issue these ping commands. Responses appreciated.-kgpramodR1#ping 1.1..1Type escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to 1.1.0...

pramod by Beginner
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Cisco not sending LSACK packets as DR

I have a Cisco 2600 that is acting as DR on an Ethernet LAN with one other router on that network.  It will happily become adjacent with the other router and they share their link databases.  I can cause further LS updates to the 2600 and they are in...