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Hi,I have a Cisco Catalyst 4500 and i want to associate a route map for PBR to one of his interfaces. 1) i found out that i can only associate it to interface vlans and not to regular Gigabit interfaces - is it impossible to associate a route map to ...

eduarddav by Beginner
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Hi, folks:The c7600 is considered a router, yet it has what seems like the exact same chassis as the c6500, which is considered a L3 switch. Why is one a switch and the other a router when they share all the same modules and have the same port densit...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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What is happening is that I have a ppp interface using IPCP that when it fails the OSPF routes learned over that circuit do not clear from the RIB. If I do a show ip ospf neighbors I get 0 entries but the routes are hung until I clear the process.I t...

There are a lot of ways to do this but I am looking for ideas on a "best practices" way to accomplish this. Situation: We have approximately 800 users and 50 VPN's that are in use 24x7 and extremely critical (emergency service personel). We have 2 pr...

Dear Cisco Team,Please let me know which Cisco Routers support ICRL (Stateful Inter-Chassis Redundancy). If there is a reference document on the Cisco Website that will be helpful since I am unable to find any information on this.I will be looking fo...

Please find the scenorio and confifiguration. Find out the mistake why loopback of Router R1 is not reachable from R2 and vice versa(eventhough routing was available in routing table). How to rectify it and explanation. R1 configuration.interface Loo...

Hi Guys,I wondering if someone can helpI have a 3750 connecting to our satellite office via 2 independent Metro E circuits terminated on 2911 routers.  I've configured OSPF failover with ip route tracking for the HSRP.  This all works well, as per t...

Parm Singh by Beginner
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During update of my RV320 from Firmware - Version to, I get the message "critical failure. contact support".Need help as I do not know how to go on. Shall I reboot the router or do I get more problems then ?Can I go back to my (backe...