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T1 Wan lab setup

I am attempting to setup a home practice wan lab with 3 1841 routers.  Routers R1 & R3 each have 1 wic 1dsu t1 v2 interface and R2 has two wic 1dsu t1 v2 interfaces to connect to R1 & R3.  I am experiencing a problem where the serial connection from ...


Dear All, any body has a documents or conficuration samples for HSRP configuration with BGP with ISP as failover. ( See the attached network diagram)Apprecaite your support.regards

alshamlan by Beginner
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Cisco ASR 1002 channel-group

Hi,need know that parameter can to be configured to level of interface as put a X mode [active|passive|on] channel-group X mode on is same that put channel-group X.Need know that parameter without LACP, only want put LAG.

change BGP ADMIN Distance in VRF on ASR1006

Have an ASR1006 running IOS-XE 03.04.00.S.151-3.S and trying to change the admin distance of a route in a VRF:router bgp 65525bgp log-neighbor-changesno bgp default ipv4-unicasttimers bgp 15 45neighbor remote-as 1234neighbor

jkozlov by Beginner
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Help, I'm an idiot!

This should be a breeze for all of you, but I need some help.currently we are implementing a MPLS to connect our outer offices to our main office for voice and data. I've got the voice done already, but need some help with the data part. right now ev...


Hi All,I cannot call via WIC-1AM-V2 and got error message on the router as below. I already verify country code configuration is correct and I dont' found any docs or information relate this error. I checked in the error message decorder but found ot...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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Resolved! throughput issues..

Hi Guys,  I am curreltly studying for my CCNA and although I believe I have everything set up more or less correctly, My network throughput out to the internet is Very slow (0.06mbps) when running through my test network.  Directly through my home ga...

UC520 WAN Speeds

Hello All,I have a UC520, which is believe has a 100mpbs WAN port. My ISP provides me a 50mbs down / 5 mbs up connection.When I plug my laptop directly into my cable modemn using DHCP and run a speed test, it connects at 1GBps and speed tests show I'...

askthefool by Beginner
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