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Dear friendsI came up with a scenario and it actually confused me.I have configured a packet tracer sample network using two routers and its interfaces configured like thisInterface                         Router-A                                    ... by Beginner
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Resolved! MPLS VRF Routing

Folks, I am having an issue with routing to a certain prefix within a vrf. I cannot seem to route to it from devices 'behind' the PE, however the PE seems to know how to get to it. Let me illustrate with a few traceroutes. Hoping someone can help. Pl...

debottym2 by Beginner
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Hello and first of all, scuse me for my bad english.I am writing this post because i have a very big problem i can not solve myself, so i think i need help.I am using in my house a Cisco RV180W Multifunction Router with a modem Digicom Combo CX. The ...

Hi,I am confused please clear my doubts.Eigrp is running in my network and if I have 3 destination network, and and for all these three destinations 4 best routes are installed in the routing table. Now I want...

HelloI would be grateful if someone can advice me on this:I have a WAN link with capacity of 2560Kbps. I was looking at Solarwinds for the interface and see that the interface is capped at 2Mbps. While checking through the interface I see that the Se...

Hi Experts,I hope this is the right place to ask, but here goes.What is the cost of 100 Mbps MPLS link in New Jersey and New York Area?If you know a provider that's very affordable and reliable would like to hear your recommendation.Thank you.Regards...

All,Please excuse my lack of smarts on this but I saved an IOS for G NS3 and it will not save as an "image" file or "bin" file.  Please help.  I have uninstalled the MPlayer programs but still shows up.  Any help is greatly appreciated!              ...