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show ip bgp summary expalnation in nexus

Hi Cisco experts,I have a question about the output of 'sh ip bgp sum' command in nexus:What do the numbers mean in the following output? count/size?r1# show ip bgp sum.......BGP attribute entries [111/144720], BGP AS path entries [347/5698]BGP commu...

caobo1020 by Beginner
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IP routing issue

I have an issue with IP routing.  Trying to setup a test network but having an issue pinging an IP address through the routing protocol.I have router 2 connected to the internet.  It can ping the address  Router 2 is connected to router ...

Resolved! ASR1000-SIP10 Insertion Install

Hi,I'm installing a new ASR1000-SIP10 module/blade into a 1006 router. The module will have a 2 DS3 interafce card. I'm looking for a installation doc for the module. I'm sure it is fairly straight forward but, don't want to miss anything.Also, when ...

Resolved! ME3800X software upgrade

Hi everyone,I need to do a software upgrade of a ME3800X since current version (12.???) doesn't support policing on priority queues. I want to go for 15.???. I can't find information on how to upgrade but I know its different from the simple copy ima...

OSPF duplicate Router ID

Hi,I found these console messages in one core routers. I can understand the concept that router-id must be unique on OSPF router but thats why these kind of error messages we found on router console but what are the steps to quickly troubleshoot this...

Resolved! Logging Not Displayed

Hello Community,I've set up my GNS3 router to log to console and terminal monitor at debug level, see below. However, when I can't see any logs. Can someone shed some light on the reason why?CheersCarltonR4#show loggSyslog logging: enabled (11 messag...

Cisco 867VAE ADSL

Hello,I have configured this router many times in AU.  The way I do it is dump a working configuration to the new router, change adsl account settings and router connects.  Now I have an installation in NZ dumped working config, changed user details ...

x.25 and xot on router 7600

The 7600 platform support x.25 and XOT features. In ios versión  S764AEK9-15103SCisco   7600-RSP720 IOS ADVANCED ENTERPRISE SERVICES SSHThe feature navigator display that support this features, but i'dont see these on the other newer ios version. If ...

E1 Sub interface not coming up

HelloI am having an issue with an E1 Connection where one of the subinterface is up but the other one stays down.The configs are as follows:Router A-----------------------!controller E1 0/1/0 channel-group 0 timeslots 1-28 channel-group 1 timeslots 2...

Resolved! Sub Interfaces on E1

HelloI need to create two point to point links between two routers connected via E1. They need to be in separate VRFs for my requirement.Is there any way I can create that on an E1 interface? Please let me know.Many Thanks in advance.RegardsKaushik.