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Boa tarde,não sei exatamente se estou no lugar certo para tirar minha dúvida, mais de qualquer maneira vamos lá.Tenho um Cisco Catalyst 2960 e estou querendo fazer com que as 24 FEs dele, cada um tenha um Vlan, por Ex. Fa 0/1 Vlan 801, Fa 0/2 Vlan 80...

hello friend, i am facing problem ,when i inserted 1 older switch to my vtp domain. what happend is, in my Vtp domain i have 1 server mode switch ,where i m creating 5 vlan say vlan 2 to vlan 6 along with the name also . and one switch for client  mo...

I understand the purpose behind this idea perfectly fine, but I just have a few questions on the use the command.If I recall ( < IOS 12.0) you had to manually include the 'neighbor x.x.x.x soft-reconfiguration in' command to enable soft reconfigurati...

Need you assistance have two routes for the same destinationfor ex:ip route next hop route next hop both routes will populate in routing table as both having AD is [1]. They will load balance.Rather than...

How do I reset a Cisco 876 ISR? I seem to remember from class it was easier than the option to change a register value that I've found through research. Can I just delete the startup.cfg and it will then try to run me through the wizard the next time...

Hi guys,I've seen strange behavior in IPSec vti, I want to seek your advice on this.It seems that even without tunnel mode ipsec ipv4, the tunnel can still working and traffic seems to be encrypting as well, see below setup.R1 connects to R2, and R2 ...

XIE YAO by Level 1
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I am trying to setup my web server, but I am having trouble trying to figure out how to direct outside traffic to that server and not to the router itself when the WAN IP address is entered.Topology=  Cable Modem -----> Cisco 3640 ----> Switch ----->...

woodjl1650 by Level 1
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Hi All,We have a strange problem on an 1801 with ADSL2 modem built in. We have configured the ATM interface for a Plus Net ADSL2+ service which is basically the same as BT. We get sync and showtime OK but then the ATM interface starts going up and do...

veltech by Level 1
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