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Hi,I am trying to copy a file from an https server. The https server has the following configuration:ip domain name testaaa authentication login HTTPS localaaa authorization exec HTTPS localusername USER privilege 15 password 0 CISCOip http authentic...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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Hi,I've bought a CISCO 1921 K9/SEC a few days ago. But I'm unable to setup my first CISCO device on my own:Network-overview:ISP                                                  CISCO 1921                                                    LAN192.168....

Hi all!!We are having some problems in our Routers equiped with this card EHWIC-VA-DSL-M.There are some situations in that these card cant sync from the DSLAM but if we use another Router (non CISCO eq) the line syncs.We change this card in one of th...

HiI'm new to cisco, I just bought a 5505 to learn from and am trying to attach my VDSL modem as a transparent bridge.It goes.... Laptop   >>> (VLAN1) Cisco 5505 (VLAN2)  >>> VDSL modem >>> internetX.X.X.10 >>> (X.X.X.254) ------ (Y.Y.Y.254)    >>> Y....

Maybe I'm misunderstanding somthing:I use EIGRP as my LAN routing protocol with my pair of Nexus5500 switches in vPC. This works fine.I want to fire up routing between the Nexus boxes and a Checkpoing firewall cluster. I fire up OSPF for this. Nexus ...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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Hi all,i have some issue while adding cisco switches on solarwinds.......from my switch i can ping solarwinds server but when i put the snmp community credentials in solarwinds and test it, i'm not able to test it successfulysnmp-configuration on swi...

Hi,in my lab i have this topology :between R1 and R4 there are two links.i want to know how can i use Ipsla  on router R1 to track and  to have only one  operational link , and when it's down ,the second one replace it automatically. regar...

Hello,I have an remote office with a flat /24 network.Users / Servers connect to 2 x 3560 Cisco switches which are uplinked to 2 x Cisco 3925 routers for Internet connectivity and VPN.We are planning to install VoIP in the office and would like to kn...

j44mistry by Beginner
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Hi,Still learning this so please bear with me.I have set up a VPN between 2 routers that are connected over 2 ADSL lines and layer 3 traffic transmits and receives ok. My problem is that i also need to transmit and receive layer 2 traffic and this is...

dannymcca by Beginner
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