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One router with two WAN connections

Hello  I have one more scenario, at my branch office, I am having one router with my Cloud network and internet on this interfacesRouterint f0/0des Connected to LANip add 10.x.x.254 f0/1des Connected to Internetip add 62.x.x.21 255.2...

Resolved! Two Routers Connectivity in LAN

I am having two routers of 1841 series.In router 1 I am connected with my Cloud Network and in router 2 I am connected for internet.I need both the wan connectivities to be advertise in my network for my LAN which is configured with DHCP in my ROUTER...

Help with NAT using specific ports.

Hello,I have a customer who is requesting that we allow inside host  over ports 5060, 4569, and 10000-20000 to connect to remote host The inside host should NAT to have an idea on how to do this using route-map...

HWIC-3G-HSPA and Optus

hi,We have a 1921 router and 3g card. We have tested the 3G card in a PC and logged onto the networ successfully. We have setup the router with the below settings and the cell0/0/0 interface constantly bounces. Are there any Optus specific settings t...

Resolved! Switchport VLAN port changed

Hi, My collegue complaint that he cannot connect to VLAN80 using the port connected on his desk. I checked the switch where it is connected and below are the config:He is using port fa0/13. sgsinspark-10651225#sh run int fa0/13Building configuration....

Weird Internet Bandwidth Graph Trend

Dear all,We are peering to our ISP. We noticed from our monitoring tool, the bandwidth trend shows weird as it looks in "saw" shape. Image as below:-What we usually see suppose to be almost a straight line right? Can anyone help to clarify what cause...

usbflash not working c2911

Hi All,I tried to copy my conf file to a USBflash drive but I cannot initialize the USBflash drive.It asks me to format the USBflash, but when I say "yes" it gives an error.Feb 21 11:18:40.799: %USBFLASH-5-CHANGE: usbflash1 has been inserted!Feb 21 1...

Cisco 881w Wireless Firmware

I recently purchased a new Cisco 881w router (last Friday).I have configured the 'wired' part of the router with little trouble, but the wireless side is proving a little challenging.I have read a number of posts complaining about the firmware versio...

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Resolved! DS3 or T3 and HSSI Interface

Hi Experts,I am looking for exact solution of my given problems,1) What is main difference between DS3 and T3,   as both have 45 Mbps ? where we can implement   DS3 and T3, give me practical examples.2) I have seen many posts where DS3 link has confi...