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OSPF merging 2 areas into one

I have a office setup with 4 locations, each connected by two 100mbps links from two different ISP's as shown in the attached diagram.ISP-1 links are in OSPF Area0 and ISP-2 links are in OSPF Area-1. At main office, L3 switch's are also in Area0 and ...

avilt by Participant
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Solution to redirect traffic

Greetings,We're currently using IP SLA to determine route availability. The way it should work is if an IP address can be reached (ICMP), then static route A is used. If not, then static route B is used. See the code below.ip sla monitor 1 type echo ...

Exclude addresses from encryption

HelloI've configured encryption between site A and site B as followed:On site A, this my configuration. As you can see, all traffic going through the interface Gi0/2/1 is encrypted. crypto ipsec transform-set MyProfile-Trans esp-aes 256 esp-sha-hmac!...

Router cpu & memory threshold values

Hello All,Can someone tell me what the recommended values to configure for thresholds in a Cisco ASR 1004 router?memory free low-watermark processor <<1-3994575>  low water mark of memory in KB>>memory free low-watermark io <1-3994575>  low water mar...

How to test HWIC card

I suspect a HWIC-1FE in a 2811 might be faulty, what hardware testing commands are available to me? With a laptop plugged into the HWIC card it was showing status of "up up" put coudln't ping the laptop and the laptop coudln't ping the interface (two...

jwbensley by Beginner
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Bandwidth check for wan router

Hai all,I have one wan router, which is connecting between two sites using service provide MPLS link and we created tunnel between these two sites for interconnection. Now, i have a simple doubt for checking the bandwidth of remote site. is there any...

Backhaul Internet Across MPLS

Hello,First, I attached a network diagram to the discussion to hopefully make this setup clearer. I was wondering if someone can give me some direction in backhauling internet across the MPLS. We have several remote sites that have an MPLS circuit us...

Minimize IP usage on 2911 and keep NAT

I have a problem I am running into... I replaced a 2621 with a 2911. The 2911 has three interfaces and I need to useall of them... Description:gige0/0 dhcp static IP from ISP, public IP, they assign me 4 more usable public IPsgige0/1 broken into four...

rminvielle by Beginner
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3800 dBm

Is there a command to find your optical tx/rx power (dBm) on a 3845?  On a 3750 you can do a show int transceiver;  looking for a comparable command for ISRs.ThanksBrian

Resolved! EIGRP Path Selection

Hello,I have EIGRP process between site A and B over Verizon MPLS (50 Mb) recently we got OBT_E_MAN from ATT (100Mb), I just have one VLAN across OBT_E_MAN and /30 transit network, so I want to use OBT_EMAN as a primary, as far as I know EIGRP use pa...