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Hi Team,I need help on the above attached scenario.Rapid Spanning tree protocol is running between Distribution layer and Access Layer.Distribution Switch -1 is root switch for Vlan 2,4,6,8 and the hsrp interfaces for the same vlan is also active on ...

Hi all !! Hope everyone is doing well !!I've got a single T1 to MPLS cloud at remote site and a 45Mb DS3 at the data center. I have service-policy output apply on the WAN routers at both ends to protect SAP traffic and I am pretty confident that my c...

dtran by Level 6
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We have a router that is experiencing high traffic utilization on the interfaces followed by a reboot.  This has happend twice now in 2 days with the same log message both times as below.  I am assuming that the configured from console by console is ...

Resolved! NATing problem

Dear Boss I have cisco router in my side doing ipsec over VPN with another side. My router local interface is connected to local LAN and same as other side.I need to access remote side server from my server connected to local LAN.When i ping to remot...

Hi,I'm testing a setup where one customer has two ISPs. Every ISP and the customer have their own VRFs. ISP failover works fine with the configured weights, so traffic routing is OK. When I check the routing table of the CUSTOMER VRF the default rout...

Hi folks,   Can someone explain this to me please?  I have two routers connected via a WAN connection.  I have a tunnel setup between the two using standard VTI. There is a static route to the LAN IP behind each router, but each end of the VTI has an...

EIGRP neighbor just went down.-------------------------------------------Feb 16 01:43:14.477 CET: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP(0) 109: Neighbor (GigabitEthernet0/3.130) is down: holding time expiredThe neighbor is not on sh eigrp neigh----...

ronayu by Level 1
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We are currently using a Cisco 2500 (licensed for 50 AP's) WLAN Controller. There has been a lot of issues setting up the VOCERA wireless badges, thats on going. The question I have is all the AP's are showing as being on Channel 6, it was thought th...

editIandS by Level 1
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Hi,For the following topology, why 'show cdp neighbor' doesn't give output? local                                                                                      remoterouter1 ------- DWDM--------Carrier Network-----------DWDM----------router2no...

caobo1020 by Level 1
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Resolved! BGP 2 different AS

Hi,At present we run BGP in our cloud. We are plannning to go for a secondary service provider for WAN failover. They also plan to route traffic using BGP.WHich is the best solution to implement?1.) Terminating the secondary link into the same router...

Hi Experts,I am working on a RFP, client has asked for Core Router with below mentioned specifications.1. Router shall support seamless migration to larger platforms to meet the network growth and shall support implementation of Syslog.2. Router shou...

Michael Noote        I am using packet tracer I have a ftp site setup behind nat and I have email server setup behind nat on the network with the ftp server I only put ip nat inside  on the sub interface of the fast ethernet port that the server was ...

mnoote191 by Level 1
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                   Hello all;I am not sure that this is a firewall problem at all; but we recently just upgraded from a 10 MB burstable pipe to a 50 MB burstable pipe but yet I am STILL only seeing anywhere from 4 MB-8MB on a GOOD day....BEFORE I go ...