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Cisco AnyConnect over Site to Site VPN w/Sonicwall TZ-210

Hey all. I have a Cisco ASA 5502 and a Sonicwall TZ-210.The ASA is Office A and the Sonicwall is Office BOffice A and Office B have a site to site vpn setup and people connected to either network can access resources on both networks. people in Offic...

it by Beginner
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BGP outgoing decision (local preference)

Dear all,My requirement is 1) For HGC related AS IP, first will choose HGC path 1G path to go, in case HGC 1G link fail, will use HGC 100M  link to go, once ALL two HGC lnks fail, Final choose is HKIX link2) Out of HGC related AS IP, first will choos...

acbennyma by Beginner
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End to End Quality of Service

For traffic going from SiteA to siteB, does quality of service HAVE to be end to end (from siteA to siteB) to be effective? If there is a node in between which doesnt have QOS, then does that mean that QoS will be ineffective? For example if there is...

siddiqirf by Beginner
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BGP route advertisement with AS prepend

See attached diagram.  I have 3 routers (A,B,C) that are running IBGP.  I have another router (D) that is connected to routers (B,C) and running EBGP.  I am trying to prepend the as path from router D to router C so that the preferred return path is ...

Route selection BGB and OSPF

I wonder if it is possible to see alternative routes for ospf and bgp.For example if the router selects route x with metric y, can i see what is the next possible route if x with y dies?I know  that in Eirgp i could see the successors in the

blwegrzyn by Beginner
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VWIC2 on two different T1 circuits

Hi,I have a VWIC2 running two T1 circuits to two locations.  Can I put the controllers on the same channel group?  I also have a PPP multilink controller on a VWIC2 on channel group 0.Such as:controller T1 0/1/0 --- LOCATION A cablelength long 0db ch...

Adjusting BGP Administrative Distance

I am attempting to adjust the default BGP Administrative distance of 20 to 190. This is to make it less preferred that an EIGRP route with administrative distance of 170.My issue is that I want this to only occur for routes with a specific AS path. T...

PPPoE over MPLS L2VPN issue

Dear AllMy topology is below CE(ADSL modem)----IP DSLAM----SWH01(C3750)-----R1(7206)(POS1/0)<----------MPLS Core---------->(POS1/0)R2(7206)----SHW02(C3750)-------BRASI already config routing and MPLS,it's work well. Now I want to implement L2VPN for ...

Load Balance with CEF and 2 Ethernet WAN ports

Not able to get load Balance out. Can you Please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you!!version 12.4resource policyno network-clock-participate slot 1ip cefinterface FastEthernet0/0ip address nat insidespeed autofull-du...

randy by Beginner
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NM-1T3/E3 - 8 MB DS3

Hi All we have a NM-1T3/E3 card. WE are getting a sliced DS3 ( i.e . Channelized ) from Verizon. but his card doesnt seems to be supporing any channelization.Can I just use DSU bandwidth 8000 ? will this work ? , Can anyone please let me know if you ...

BGP incoming traffic

Hello, I'm no expert in BGP world, but soon my company will have own AS and own block of IP address. I know It's quate hard to control all incoming traffic from  2 BGP peers, but I need to be sure that all incoming traffic comes from one ISP only, in...

cisco asa sla monitor Stats Busy?

hey guys, have a problem asa has a config for dual uplink sla monitor  configuration SA Agent, Infrastructure Engine-IIEntry number: 123Owner: Tag: Type of operation to perform: echoTarget address: outsideN...