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What is the use of null route

when i say the configuration in the router When we advertise the subnets directly in BGP using network commandwe are using a static route of the same full subnet pointing to NULL 0Can any one Help me understanding this concept of NULL 0 Routing

rangap26. by Beginner
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Resolved! Procedure for wiping C3900-SPE250/K9

What is the step by step procedure for wiping/sanitizing a C3900-SPE250/K9 router from the console line, please? From the outside, this network device appears to have two "brains", one active module and one standby module (not sure of the technical t...

Waterbird by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Internet access ACL question

Hello,  I created a new context on an ASA, copied the ACL and NAT configuration from another ASA in it. But the internet is not working on the VMs if I do not create a new ACL with any ip or any http, http and icmp for ping. What am I missing? On oth...

sahara101 by Beginner
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show commands

I have two Cisco 4431-isr routers, running the same ios and rom-mon but the show commands are slightly router will accept the:  'show DMVPN' command and the other does not recognize the show DMVPN command. What would cause this and how ...

bymc by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Port fwd question

I am a very new to cisco.  I have a little handle on it and will start ccna training in July.  I am a sysadmin at company that is being acquired by another.  We have a UNIFI network and I have a vpn server configured on it.  We are adding an ASA betw...

Resolved! Redundancy options when using stackwise-virtual

Hello We currently have a more or less classic Cisco collapsed backbone with a central router (core) which has several distribution and datacenter switches attached to it (not shown in the drawing). We have now two additional external offices, with t...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! NHRP issue

Hi all,I have problem when I doing DMVPN lab.I configure the hub and spoke router.The spoke router is working. Use "sh dmvpn" can see output and can send NHRP Registration request to hub router.But "sh dmvpn" and "sh ip nhrp" show nothing on the hub ...

packet drop issue

hello,i have catalyst 4000 series core switch and couple of access switch.past few days we have connectivity issue and servers are out of connectivity (ping fails 80 or 90%) today i check the core switch using serial link. we have only one default va...

feroz syed by Participant
  • 13 replies
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Resolved! Dynamic nat regarding reachability

Hello team, I want provide little tuning of nat statements . Situation: host a.a.a goest to -----> x.x.x ---->DNAT to y.y.y (everything works) BUt in situation when is DNAT y.y.y unrecheable i want change nat statement to : host a.a.a goest to ----->...

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