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Hi,We want to configure UDP access list for sepicfic ports on serial interface. Through which my remote branches are connected.Please suggest and share the example of udp configuration on router. by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP or OSPF

Hi, Which dynamic routing is the best, EIGRP or OSPF and why ? How can we use both of the routing in same router ? What is the best practise ? Thanks in advance, Bikas

HiI am confused and any help would be great!What is the difference between IP throughput routing throughput and firewall throughputthe reason is i am trying to spec a router for a mate who is setting up an online server for an old game ultima online ...

I got this issue where i got a head end device and a remote end.Head end Dial_Backup#sh ip eigrp neighborsIP-EIGRP neighbors for process 10H   Address                 Interface   Hold Uptime   SRTT   RTO  Q  Seq Type                                  ...

wrobbin by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP tracking

Hi Expert,We have implemented hsrp in our networ. We are using HSRP tracking functionality  ( tracking serial interface). I want to know how much time standy router take to get active state when serial link get down.Thanks in advance.Surya

About 4 months ago or so I had what I though was a firewall problem, tuned out to be two bad switches or so I thought. I replaced the switches with 3 com switches and everything seemed fine. Until Monday, my network was down again I though because I ...

eferland by Beginner
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Hello,I've noticed that in order for a routing policy to take effect, the bgp peer connection must be cleared first. This is not practical of course in production environment. For example, using route maps to filter a specific NLRI or to set communit...