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Netflow Cache is empty

Hi     I try to work the netfow on my router 881 with ios 15.0.1 but when t put rhis command          BOA_SDSL#sh ip flow top-talkers          % Cache is empty     Here the output of commandBOA_SDSL#sh ip flow interfaceFastEthernet4  ip route-cache f...

infologic by Beginner
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Resolved! NAT on Cisco2621xm

Hi, experts.I have a necessity to adjust  static NAT on Cisco 2621xm.i do:1. First Config:interface FastEthernet0/0 no ip address speed auto full-duplex ! interface FastEthernet0/0.9 encapsulation dot1Q 9 ip address <public ip>

cbwfq proportionally shared bandwidth

I am troubleshooting an issue on a T1 where data latency spikes, but total bandwidth does not. I am interested in learning how proportional bandwidth sharing applies to the default class. The below document states, "If not all of the bandwidth is all...

OSPF interarea route

Hi,We have area 10 and area 20 conected to core 0. Both area standard area. ( IA and external routes are available ). A new link of high bandwidth is deployed between two locations of these areas. And we need to push the traffic between area 10 and a...

SNTP no such command on C1941

Hi All,I have two C1941.The first C1941 does not support SNTP but the second C1941 supports SNTP.The only difference which I can spot is their license. The first C1941 does not have security license but the second C1941 has.Does anyone has any clue?W...

ryanhoibm by Beginner
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VWIC 1MFT-G703 in 3845 router

Hi everyone,I'm about to install a new E1 onto my 3845 as backup line for my data network.We usually use VWIC2 cards since our infrastructure covers EU and US sites. But this time, I ran out of stock and so did my supplier.I have a VWIC-1MFT-G703 car...

tommyboay by Beginner
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Help with 1841 & WIC-1SHDSL-V3

I'm trying to set up my Cisco 1841 with a with SDSL service.  I have the WIC-1SHDSL-V3 card installed in the router and have followed the configuration example at:

rtw00ten1 by Beginner
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2911 WAN Configuration

Purchased a 2911 router for a customer, and I'm sure I'm missing a module here.Teleco installed T1 and left connection to smart jack.  Router only has 2-3 copper ports.Can I get away with configuring the blackbox with RJ45 to the copper port on the r...

Need Support For PPPOE to access internet

Hi,I am new to Cisco products, i have Cisco 2811 router (Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2))I want to know how to configure PPPOE on one the interface and hosts connected on ther ...

Resolved! Limit bandwitdh

Hi.I want VLAN250 to have full bandwitdh speed of 100 Mbit to VLAN1 but only 4 Mbit to Internet, hos do i configure this? My configuration as of right now limits both Internet connection speed and internally.interface GigabitEthernet0/1.250encapsulat...


Dear All,I have configured an IPSLA so that it pings a Public IP from my Gig 0/0  every 30 seconds with timeout value of 1000 ms  I have terminated the Internet connection to the routers g0/0 interface. I also have a 3G connection to internet and wan...