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Hi,Please guide to upgrade the ASR1001-X with below queries; Question1: I like to upgrade to new recommended version i.e. asr1001x-universalk9.17.03.04a.SPA.binIs it direct upgrade, from current Version 16.03.07 ?Question2: Do I need to upgrade the R...

raza555 by Participant
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Hi there, There was an issue with our network with CSR1000v. When checking the CPU, it was showing high utilization, the HSRP state kept changing, and for a few minutes, the BGP was not working. Clearly, something is wrong - it automatically resolves...

Menon by Beginner
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All, And to me means both or more of the object needs to be down and or means either. I have the following :Track 1 - RTR (Rechability)Track 2- RTR (Rechability)Track 3 - RTR (Rechability) Now I have track group as follow Track 100 Ortrack1Track2 Tra...

cisco8887 by Explorer
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Faced a limitation of the EEM functionality on the Cisco C1111-4P hardware with IOS-XE 17.03 and 16.12 firmware. Missing IP SLA event detection functionalityWhat version of IOS XE should be used for this functionality to be available.  sh event manag...

We have a RV340w with dual wan.  Is there a way to view the external IP address of each WAN. These are not static and can change.  I need to check them and update the white list on some of our external servers. I can see the IP adress that has been a...

  This is a quick lab I just drafted up. The issue not seeing Loobback 0 BGP route that should have been redistributed into EIGRP on R1 or R2. This topology should cause a loop in the network when trying to reach on R4 but that's not what I...

Screenshot 2022-02-06 at 00.57.21.png
G3000LEE by Beginner
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Hello everyone I am fairly new to advanced networking concepts. I do some networking for my company but most of it is not setting up new devices or networks. Anyways, I was able to get my hands on a Cisco ISR 2921 and a Cisco 3560-x PoE L3 switch fro...

fraley.b12 by Beginner
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Good Morning...Saw this fantastic link from Leo The Legend.. Quick question, after I set the packages.conf to boot, can I se...

TW80CJ5 by Participant
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Hi all!    I came across issue when configuring OSPFv3 and trying to set up a virtual link. Under regular OSPF, under ospf subconfiguration, I use # area ( # of transit area ) virtual-link and Router-ID of a neighbor. With OSPFv3 I got little lost.  ...

DanDan by Beginner
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Hi Experts ,  I was looking for the maximum routing table capacity supported on ISR 4331 with default 4gb memory. I was unable to find any documents relevant  on cisco's site. Would really appreciate any links or documents on this. 

jayesh_f by Beginner
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