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Dears ,Is there is any way to pass the cost from static route to ospfLike I put the below route on one of my router and if i go to one another neighbor see OSPF cost only .Is there is any way to preserve the cost 150 in the neighboring router also ?i...

Haris P by Enthusiast
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HelloI have 2 routers connected with 2 different tranport providers. One 250 Mbit second 100 MbitFirst router is connected to peering centre < ============= > second is in our datacenter.How ca i make loadbalance per prefix ?My networks is for eg 10....

I just installed a 886 router.  I noticed that the xDSL CD light is flashing... slow then fast.  I am assuming the DSL line is not syncing up.  How do I go about diagnosing the problem. I am connecting to an ATT dsl equipment.

bob by Beginner
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Dear Concern,Please find attachment of network diagram the network diagram for details.Two           ISP( for internet) links are connect      in the      router ( 2811).Public IP of ISP 1 are using      between Router and ASA.VPN has been configured...

skmdimran by Beginner
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I am in the process of switching over from a pair of Cisco 3660's to 3560's layer 3 switches and am 50% done in moving the 8 networks over in parallel.  Because of the parallel cutover, I am experiencing some challenges with routing and acl's but wor...

I find many frame-relay interfaces on ISP edge routers to become stuck looped after loop testing the circuit with local providers.After confirming providers to drop their loopbacks, at a relatively high percent need to shut / no shut the interfaces t...

Hi everybodyi have 6 sites using tandberg visioconference system, each site have a cisco router 1841 configured with ipsec vpn, i have a 4 conference a week and my bandwidth is 2 meg, and when people are working we have a lot of problems and cut in o...

hi all,I have a cisco 3750v2-48TS connected to a cisco 3750v2-48PS in a stack. The stack ports show up as down/down in the stack.Is there a limitation as to if they can be connected.? I mean can we have a PoE and a non PoE in the stack?PLease adviseR...

Hello Friends,What i m achiving by VSS the same i use to achieve before with 2 redundant core switches, By flowing half vlan's from 1 switch and other half by another core and specifying HSRP priority according to spaning-tree vlan flow, either of th...

I'm struggling with the documentation.More exactly with layer 1.Material: c1841 with HWIC-4HSDSL.A cable is delivered from RJ45 to 2x RJ11In the documentation I find for the cabling:2wire, 4 wire and 8 wire + some cabling schemes. Eg(http://ciscosyst...