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Resolved! How to enable logging of packets that match an Access-list statement to a syslog server

Hello. i have an ASA 5516 firewall where i have configured some access rules to filter traffic, i want to log packets that match an access-list statement with the log keyword, the logs need to be sent to a syslog server but i only need to send logs f...

Resolved! ospf

 Hi,  Could you please suggest me how to migrate APP server to New DC  with same IP address.can i interconnect both server switches (Trunk or access) if do like this will it cause any looping?  Thanks


ISR 4331 w/NIM-ES2-8-P

I've installed the NIM module, but I'm not sure how to configure it. Is the NIM supposed to be configured as a separate device? If so how do I do that? If I run a sh int b, I can see the interface ports. Please let me know what information I can prov...

ASR1006 ASR1000-RP2 Unknown state after CPLD upgrade

Hello, I tried to upgrade the CPLD version on one ASR1000-RP2 card. The upgrade is finished ok and the cli prompts for a power cycle. I check with the command (show upgrade hw-programmable progress) and I proceeded to a power cycle but the RP is not ...

ez9 by Beginner
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Resolved! CCNP renewal

Dear community, I was unable to find any other forum more related or to find a way to direct my question to Cisco, so please before deleting the message if it's not the correct place let me know.I currently hold a CCNP R&S that was converted to CCNP ...

kormyr by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP selective route advertisement

Hi Guys, We are configuring BGP and have a requirement to advertise a specific subnet to selected BGP neighbour only and not to all. Below is the configuration where we would like to advertise local subnet only to remote as-1. Is this p...

Resolved! Aggregate has lower admin distance?

This might be simple, but I can't find an answer anywhere.  I have two devices, they doing iBGP between themselves and participating in OSPF with each other and two other routers. Mutual redistribution is occuring on both BGP peers, restricted via ro...

Resolved! QOS LLQ

 As per this screenshot , In the LLQ que ,If traffic is keep on coming and hitting in the priority que at below policy rate (LLQ) then how are packets served from other ques? If I have data in other ques  ,are those serve after serving complete packe...


Resolved! HSRP Issue

So in a normal circumstance HSRP is working. Provider Edge Router goes down, the Primary cuts over to Secondary, and it cuts over to the back up connection. However, this time Internet connection on the Provider Edge Router went down, but the connect...

kmf2k by Beginner
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Resolved! Unable to boot from new ios on my ISR4331/K9 router

Hello Expert,   I upgrade my ISR4331/K9 router with the  ios isr4300-universalk9.17.03.03.SPA.bin   I   change the  boot priority so it can boot from the newest  ios .   Unfortunately  when I reload the router it  kept  looping searching for a boot d...

jomo frank by Beginner
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