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Can some one help me, I have two ISP(ADSL) with 2 Different Public IPs and one WebServer( at inside . I can reached to webserver by only one ip ISP-1 with lower default route metric.i can not  get replay back from second ISP-2 at saame tim...

Resolved! BGP problem

Hi All,I have one Branch site connected to head Office with MPLS.The branch site has to access internet through the head office.The connection is :Internet <--- [DSL_Rtr] <--- [HO_Rtr] <--- [MPLS_Cloud] <--- [Br_Rtr]Now I cannot access internet from ...

sudeesh12 by Level 1
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Hello,I would like to deploy this kind of configuration (See attached network plan).My questions are:1) is possible to enable etherchannel links between different switches, without stacking links?2) how is the expected bandwith consumption when I ena...

Hi Support We got fully ospf single area setup. On Site A and Site B we got mutual redistribution between OSPF and BGP on CE routers which terminates MPLS cloud.   The traffic from Site A to Site B selects MPLS instead of Point-to-Point link. Site-A ...

Hi All,We have multiple sites connected to a single site thorugh p2p lease line circuits. Each site has 4 mb link connected to core site. I have created multilinks for all these sites. Now the problem is that in the case of video-conferencing , there...

All                   I have a Cisco 4006 (old school) and I am trying to setup etherchannel over 4 port.  The issue I am having is flapping, it see's two IP addres on the same MAC address.  The reason for this is bonding, so all 4 ports are bonded, ...

wooying by Level 1
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Hello Guys,I hope someone can help me with this.We purchase a new 3945 router and a NM-1A-T3/E3 card. We would like to use the T3 funcationality so we enabled the commandcard type t3 1 (slot1), reboot the device.After reboot the sh ip int brief comma...