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Hello all,3 months ago, we upgraded two ASR-100 shelves from IOS-XE "asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9." to        "asr1000rp1-adventerprisek9.03.01.00.S.150-1.S.bin".Prior to the actual IOS upgrade, we had to upgrade the ROM with thi...

Resolved! ASR1002 web logon

The loopback of the ASR1002 is I use a browser to access it, I got the authentication dialog box asking for username/password. I input the information and submit. But authentication box comes back again and ask for the username/password....

Hello allI am trying to work out why certain routes have certain costs within EIGRP.All of my eigrp K values are default, so eigrp cost is equal to 256*(10^7/BW + delay)However, in the example below, FD is 312832, yet advertised BW and delay from BGP... pls see above link i just want to know can we connect 2 frame relay cloud on one physical interface or we require two physical router interface for it.In above link they use one router interf...

Good Day,I'm trying to accomplish the following on my Cisco 1841 Router;Dual ISP Multihoming - I want to be able to route traffic through ISP A and if ISP A goes down I want to re-route traffic through ISP B. I think I've got this part all sorted out...

Two router which are connected via switch are in HSRP mode , i.e one is actove at a time , the servers which are behind the switch have HSRP ip as gateway , now i have two links one is primary and other is secondary link coneected to the two routers ...

Abhi by Level 1
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hi,we have att evpn ckt which consists of two T1s.does that mean:we have two T1s (3+ M) for outbound direction and two T1s (3+ M) for inbound direction. so, in total -  we have 6 + M ?pls advise

gavin han by Level 1
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I have a problem in ospf over  Frame-relay.  initially my network was working fine theni lost all the routes in R1, It will not learn routes from ospf or bgp over F-r nor it is advertising the routes to the networkI have the complete detail config, s...

Hi All,Please find the topology diagram for reference.1) We have 2 Locations :- Site-A(Primary) & Site-B(DR).2) Site-A(Primary) & Site-B(DR) is already interconnected.3) Branch offices are accessing the application from Site-A, Because the server is ...

subashmbi by Level 1
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hi every body.I have been wrecking my small brain  to make it work.Some Context:If a interface is configured with " ip nat inside"  then order of operation is  first look up destionation ip, then perform nat,If a interface is configured with " ip nat...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hello gents,PPPoE goes up and down all the time with the following errors:PPPoE: Failed to add PPPoE switching subblock PPPoE: Unexpected Event!. PPPoE switching Subblock destroy calledRouter config:interface ATM0/0/0no ip addressno atm ilmi-keepaliv...

Hello support community.......I have some 1721 routers with CSU/DSU/ T1 cards in them. We were using T1 lines, but now we are moving to 10 Mbs of ethernet. We will now be plugging into a dmark box provided by our ISP then the dmark plugs into a fiber...