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What is the behavioral difference in the following? permit ip any any-and-permit ip anydeny any any

Hi All,Requesting your kind help on the below scenario testingWe have configured Public IP in one of the WAN interface configured loopback with below public IP2.2.2.100 i tried to ping some destination ...

Raja Ali by Level 1
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Greetings colleagues I ran into the following problem, I have two local subnet, office users are in the network and also have a network DMZ in which there is a web server with an IP address of 192.168.15...

Jame by Level 1
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Hello Is is possible to wake up a pc with wake on lan with a cisco router?  So the router initilize a packet to a MAc Address and wake up the PC. I found that ping can do that but how? Extended ping but when i enter no Target IP the router cancel. Te...

Hi I'm a little rusty on IOS-XE software updates and looking for some advice Please see below outputs, I dont recall seeing the system image being the packages file on any ISR's I've logged into before, but it has been a while. Normally I see a speci...

Hi ! I have a Cisco CGR-2010/K9 that shows wrong miliamperes readings when I use show interfaces transceiver detail Do you know the root cause of this issue? Is this a normal behavior?   Thanks in advance!

Hi,Short and simple question just to clear some doubt.Is it possible to advertise a VRRP/HSRP virtual IP over an IGP such as OSPF? Or is the only way to reach this IP by configuring a static route to it?Thank you.

hassan4917 by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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Hello! I cant find information about CSR1000v configuration multi ISP. I have requirements in project that i need to load balance 3 ISP, and router have to be virtual. So maybe someone have expirience with configuration 3 ISP on cisco CSR1000v?

Andrii1 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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hi guys,I'm depressed, I can't get a working tunnel... I've tested everything I can, read docs, posts, etc... but it doesn't work.I need to extend my Vlan105 from the HQ to a remote site. Here is my setup : PC [Fa] <---> [Gi] Cisco 2960-X [Gi24] <---...

Hi, I'm having some other open post that still running for another aspect of the issue. Here I want to know what is this issue : I'm having policy based route from Group-A to Group-B I've run the command debug ip policy and I'm getting some strange r...

robad by Level 1
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