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Boost and Performance License minimum IOS and Rommon Requirement

Hi, I want to install boost license in my ISR4331. My router details info as below: Router Model : ISR4331/K9IOS version : Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.16.04b.S - Extended Support                     Release Cisco IOS Software, ISR Software (X86...

C897VAB-K9 vDSL2 Bonding vlan

Hello I was wondering if anyone knew if this Router was configurable in regards to authentication vlan from the ISP.My ISP uses vlan 3163 for auth on vdsl2 whereas my ISP uses 0/32 for adsl. Was curious if this was able to be changed to that or if th...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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Resolved! IS-IS on VRF-LITE didn't set ATTbit

Hi all,I have an issue on IS-IS in vrf-lite.PE rotuer receive specific network and default from MP-BGP session with RR.There is a mutual redistribution between MP-BGP and IS-IS on VRF-OUTSIDE.On IS-IS process in VRF-OUTSIDE there is command to genera...


VPN/IPsec router support in Packet Tracer

I hope this is the right place for me to post this question.I would like to know, if a router doesn't support VPN (meaning it can't be used as a VPN server) can it still route an IPsec packet? And which router I should use as a server for IPSec (AH t...

GRE Tunnel

Hi all.I am looking for some help with this, I have searched multiple threads and none make it clear exactly what needs to be done, or how to do it.  Whilst below is a diagram does not tell the whole story. I need to create a GRE Tunnel. Please be aw...

GRE Tunnel.PNG

Resolved! Cisco 887VA FTTC/VDSL configuration

Hi folks,   I am currently working on obtaining my Routing and Switching qualification and thought I would replace my existing router with a Cisco 887VA. All was going well when the expected IP address was showing on the dialer interface and able to ...

static NAT routing in vlans

Hello, i have two vlans,  one is for internet operator (115), another is LAN (119).Provider give us addresses, - providers gatewayWe have local host in our LAN  interface Port-channel1.115 encapsulation dot1Q 115 ip ...

Resolved! ISR 900 L2TP VPN connection

Hi, I am trying to configure L2TP remote connection back to office, however when I try to add the crypto map to my interface i get "Cannot apply empty map to interface" what am I missing?R1(config)#intR1(config)#interface gig5R1(config-if)#cryR1(conf...

T0mTheCat by Beginner
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Saludos comunidad. Busco ayuda con un problema en nateo y salida a internet en CML. Tengo la topologia mostrada en la imagen. A l router ISP se crearon las listas de acceso con las redes de hogar y entre routers, se aplicaron a las interfaces las reg...

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-26 220153.png