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Resolved! Cisco 1941w ethrnet switch

Hello!I have 1941W for my personal usu and LAB.From the post know EHWIC-D-8ESG-P (8 port) EHWIC-D-4ESG (4 port) are supported.   (BTW 10/100 Hwic are not) My primary q...

OSPF multicast

Hey all,I have a question regarding the OSPF multicast group of know each transit network has a different Designated Router and there isn't one Designated Router for the whole area. But I read that this multicast group contains all router...

asr1004 limitando trafego a 16gb

bom eu tenho 3 asr1004 ambos com Rp2 e esp40 fazendo pppoe e cgnat porem os mesmos se limitam a trafegar 16gb apos isso começa a dar ERROs de pacotes na interface uplink sendo ela nessa caso uma LACP com 2x10 já verifiquei tudo falei com pessoas da c...

Configuring VDSL on Cisco 897-VA K9

Hi. I'm trying to setup Cisco 897-K9 for my VDSL internet connection with dynamic IP (if I will successful then I’ll order a /29 IP prefix). I was checking different configurations but no of them work.  Some people say I need to put for interface ATM...

somehow00 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 9500 stackwise virtual question

Hello all,I have a couple of 9500-48Y4C in production configured as stackwise virtual.The SVL links were configured using four twentygigabit interfaces equipped with 10G DAC CABLE.Now it is time to promote these switches to become the new core layer ...

dugolotti by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Help with NAT and ACL on C800 Series

Hello, I would like to request some help with making a few changes to this router, in order to get access from outside.I have tried to do it myself but I have caused more damage than good. This is because I am honestly not at all familiar with the co...

Veridizer by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Configuring the Cisco 4300 router to make fiber as primary data route and microwave as secondary backup.

Hello,We have a remote building that has multiple ways of connecting to the network. This building has a T1, short wave microwave and fiber.  In this building we have a cisco 4300 router and we need to have it configured to where the primary means of...


I was looking at GRE DMVPN and have a basic idea. can anyone tell me what role the tunnel interface ip address plays in the GRE tunnel process. reason i am asking is that we have tunnel source and tunnel destination addresses as the overlay address a...

Frame-Relay Switching

In this case,I want to configure R4 as Frame-relay switch.R1 uses DLCI 102R2 uses DLCI 201USE IETF encapsulation (rfc 1490)Ensure both DTE do not build dynamic address mappingEnsure the broadcast packets are replicated on the frame relay linkEnsure t...


Resolved! BGP network for two sites

Our company has two geographical separated sites, with the following BGP network infrastructure:1. siteA has two BGP routers(RouterA1-primary, RouterA2-secondary), siteB has also two BGP routers (RouterB1-primary, RouterB2-secondary).2. siteA has bee...

bensonlei by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF ECMP between Nexus 7k and ASR9K

I have 5 10G links between Nexus 7k and ASR9K with OSPF. But those links is not doing ECMP. One of the links is getting 10G BW usage and other links are less than 5G BW usage. I checked the ASR9K has max-path 32 configs under router OSPF configs. And...

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