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Hallo,I have a C1126-8PLTEP ISR router with DUAL SIM capabilities. I would like to configure it such that I when the primary SIM fails, the secondary takes over. What is interesting is that I have created a controller profile for the primary interfac...

Joy3 by Beginner
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I can't ping my directly connected router from my switch and I can't figure out why. I'm just learning how to do all this stuff so please have mercy on me. This is in packet tracer btw. Here are my configs: Switch 1:Current configuration : 2623 bytes...

Bell-ah by Beginner
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Hello,Looking for help in setting up ISR 4351. We have two locations. Each location has: 1. An ISR with 3 physical interfaces2. Have /30 from ISP1 (x.x.x.x/30)  and ISP2 (y.y.y.y/30)3. Have /24 Class (z.z.z.z/24) from ARIN that we are dividing in hal...

kenpaul by Beginner
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HelloI want to configure ISIS protocol with metric based on delay or bandwidth+delay.I read a document which is not cisco official, below is the point that I saw: IS-IS uses an arbitrary cost for its metric. IS-IS additionally has threeoptional metri...

Hi all, I'm still getting to grips with Cisco so please bare with if this is simple or been asked before. I've been searching forums but can't seem to get it working still and it's driving me mad. I'm unable to ping the outside router (Endpoint - Cis...

Screenshot 2022-05-02 165532.png
gilmiles by Beginner
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Hi All,I am a Cisco novice need help setting up my Cisco C1111-8P ISR.I got Virgin Media hub 3 setup in the modem mode (due to my sons constant nags of high latency when playing games while hub 3 in router mode).Need to setup C1111-8P to issue DHCP a...

SDES by Beginner
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Hello Team, I am trying to figure out why my active HSRP router is not seeing the standby router (standby router is unknow).**D11(config)#do sh standby briP indicates configured to preempt.|Interface Grp Pri P State Active Standby Virtual IPVl10 0 15...

hnavi77 by Beginner
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Dear ALL,   I 'm the newbie in Nexus switch, i have 2 x C93180YC-FX for core switch, i had completed the VPC setting, now the switch are still running on independ mode, how to set it up to be one logical switch? It is because i have to run the BGP.  ...