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Hi, can someone explain what is going on with this Cisco configuration?  This configuration is on router1 at a customer site that connects to an upstream BGP core router2, both routers are in the same AS and running iBGP, assume traffic flows from cu...

eagleeye by Level 1
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Hi team,Here is my topology,  apparently sw0 and and core sw 1 have eigrp as 10 between them. core sw 1 has knowledge of the rest ospf network. i have redistibuted eigrp 10 on ospf 30 and ospf 30 on eigrp 10.sw0 sees core sw 1 as eigrp ne, but has no...

fmugambi by Spotlight
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Hi trying to add this command to an asr1k but its not taking it: ip receive access-list xx The command is listed in the ISO XE best practises guide, if its not supported on this platform is there a better way to restrict management access to all self...

Goodmorning, For multiple customers I have a Cisco 1117-4P where the ethernet0/2/0 interface is bridged with a VLAN interface so the custumer can connect their own router/firewall and let it handle the PPPoE session. In the past we used the Cisco 887...

I am looking for official datasheets\specifications of which power supplies are compatible for the Cisco 4431 router, which supports dual redundant power supplies. I am unable to find any official information.For example PWR-4430-AC vs PWR-4330-AC. A...

ramstyler by Level 1
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Hello panel I would like to know if there is a way for my problem I removed the enable secret mode on my router now when I access the router with my user account I cannot switch to privileged mode it tells me when I type enable it tells me error in a...

Hello team, attached is my problem statement diagram.I need to talk to aws servers - issue is, traffic from to aws cloud tends to pass via mpls to site A, which is not the intended route, so i had to ...

fmugambi by Spotlight
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When i configure one of ethernet interfaces on ASA 5510 as DHCP client it obtaines the lease from DHCP server but it does not release the lease even if i disconnect the interface from the network it stays in "RENEWING" state and show it in ASDM DHCP ...

msubtain by Level 1
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I'm a bit of a newbie with this Cisco stuff, so bear with me. I have set up port forwarding as follows:ip nat inside source static tcp 28919 28919 extendableI do know that UDP works since I can connect to all applications ...

exulan by Level 1
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Hello,I have a Cisco 2951 and it works as a "DNS forwarder" for my local network.  It looks like 'someone' is sending DNS requests from the outside.I see msgs like:2024-03-01T01:13:23.953850-07:00 gateway 516: Mar 1 08:13:22.938: %DNSSERVER-3-TOOSHOR...

roncro by Level 3
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