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Is there any way to log when a Dialer interface connects and disconnectes to a file located on the CF card in the 2811 router?  Using a syslog server is not an option on my network.What I am looking for is to find out when the interface connects and ...

Resolved! EBGP neigbor issue

Hi !I'm currently working on my BSCI certification Exam, I had setup the attach lab for my understanding about BGP. I don't know why the my router in different AS cannot enter in establish states. The same setup exist between PXR1 and PXR2 router bot...

Hello, I have a question about BGP/OSPF routing. Please see the scenarioexample Router A                                                 GI1/1 -----EBGP link to router BRouter BGP 500neighbor remote-as 600 example Router BGI1/1...

west33637 by Beginner
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Por favor alguien sabe que significa este error en el Router Cisco 2821?%SYS-2-CHUNKBADMAGIC: Bad magic number in chunk header, chunk 0 data 4705D85C chunkmagic 400B77D8 chunk_freemagic 45D9FBA4-Process= "<interrupt level>", ipl= 4, pid= 85-Traceback...

RYOFENYX27 by Beginner
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While resetting the password for 1741 router, i have made config registry to 2142 instead of 0x2142 and rebooted. After rebooting nothing is coming up. am not able to see any thing in terminal. rebooted twice and trying but am not seeing anything on ...

I am practising Syslog configurationI have enabled logging trap informational and it is working perfectly. But it is throwingall the syslog message at this level to SYSLOG server.Is there any possibility available to send only the logs related to som...

Dear all,µWe have 2 routers. One of the router has 2 HSSI interfaces and the other has 2  HWIC-2T.Each HSSI is connected to one port of each HWIC-2T  interface.We used to configure MLPP between same models WIC.Using the same best practice configurati...

tranarison by Beginner
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hi,Case: There is R1 and R2  connected to R3. R1 and R2 connected to each other. All 3 routers are running ospf area 0. There is default static route on R2 to another router (lets say R4).  All costs are same..Question: If the connection between R1 a...