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I have 6 2-router pods. Each router has a serial link to the other router in the pod and a serial link to a different pod. The intra-pod link is running EIGRP. The inter-pod link is running BGP.Each pod has it's own AS # (e.g. pod1 is 65001, pod2 is ...

Hi, I am looking for advice on configure CAR on my outside router. I will have redundant routers with both two 12 meg pipes out to the internet. I would like to balance both routers and only allow 8 megs to my own dedicated traffic. Does any have goo...

Resolved! Static ip scenario

Hello !!I have some questions about BRAS and ip address assigment to users.Let`t say we have the interface below on our BRAS 7200.interface FastEthernet0/0.10 encapsulation dot1Q 10 ip address So the IPDSLAM is connected to t...

I am having a heck of a time configuring this module and being able to access it and see the port status. I have been on Cisco's website and just having a hard time getting to the right documentation. The router is version 12.4(18) ip base. I have no...

tcherry by Beginner
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Hello all,, in bgp transit AS for example i have 4 downstreem neighbours and 2 up streem neighbours,in this i am using stm-1 connectiviy to both upstreems.assume that customers are A,B,C,D and upstreems are X and Yin this for example the customer A i...

aruldaspr by Beginner
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Hi All,PCI requires SSH access to networking devices. I have following questions regarding to that:1) I have IOS IP image on my cisco routers. I found that I need 3DES support in IOS for SSH, which comes with IP Plus 3DES feature set. So, do I need t...

rsik by Beginner
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Can you check if I understand the following config correctly?There are two devices Router-1 and Router-2. Vlan100 is the interesting traffic. Router-1 handles IP routing for the vlan with a subinterface configured. Router-2 has the ATM WAN connection...

i have internet connection 2mb on hp router framrelay conection on hp router router one serial port is coneted to inter net and hp eth port goes to firewall port,anoter firewall port goes to switch, and 2821 another router ethernet port goes to same ...

I have a problem with a T1 line. Here is a ping to the far router.Reply from bytes=32 time=2059ms TTL=254Reply from bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=254Reply from bytes=32 time=249ms TTL=254Reply from bytes=32 tim...

Hello, I have two DS3 connections with two diffrent Service providers. Each with thier own CPE router. Now I want traffice to flow equally accross both routers so I will for not just adversite with no prepending. My Question is the return traffi...

Dear All,There is IMA keep bouncing issue, telco test the circuit all the way to smart jack, there is no error, we replaced the router as well, however, two ATM links still flapping. When I check MGX end, there is VPI/VCI error keep increasing, anyon...

trinawong by Beginner
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We've experiencing bgp dropping that also causes our phones on remote site to drop but it will be up again in sec. Can someone help me what could be causing it.below is the sho bgp results:3750Switch#sho ip bgp neighbors x.x.x.xBGP neighbor is x.x.x....

redrobish by Beginner
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