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SONET interface

How to configure SONET interface? what are the parameters i have to configure on it? I tried to look config guide for the same but got more confused so please help me.

dangal.43 by Beginner
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New IP Scheme

Since i was planning to change the total IP scheme for my frame relay network. What parameters shall i make important for since i got 3 locations connected by Frame relay.Kindly let me knew how to plan it before implementing.Syed

BGP router reflector

Hi,Please help me to compare two follows cases:1 - Using 2 RRs within one cluster2 - Separating it into 2 cluster, its means every router client is in two cluster different. Which case is better in the actuel network ?Thanks in avance

Resolved! ADSL / NAT (Port Forwarding)

Hi guys,Just wondering if someone can please help me with a configuration issue on a 857w router?I would like to only accept email traffic from two public IP addresses to the internal mail server. I have configured "ip nat inside source... " command...

Max # of Point-to-Point T1's a 3845 can handle?

We currently have a 3825 that has 4 VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 2-Port T1/E1 Voice / WAN w/ Drop & Insert modules in the built in wic slots.This currently gives us 8 T1 connections. I need to move up to atleast 16 T1 connections (point to point) so we are goin...

aprather by Beginner
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3845 and frame relay

Hello all, In an attempt to upgrade our WAN hub sites I am having trouble replacing our 3660 with a 3845. Old router is running v12.2, new router is running v12.4. The frame connection passes internet traffic only. Email & file/print sharing does no...

BKeiter by Beginner
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How to configure 1SHDSL on 2811

I'm sorry if this question is a bit basic, but this is my first experience both with Cisco kit and with trying to find answers on their website. I have spent some hours trying to find the answer on my own, but either I'm having a bad day or it's rea...

crac by Beginner
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isp's POP

Hi all, when an isp has a point of presence, what does this mean. Our isp said they have 4 POP's around the country, what does this mean ? and do we have to be local to them if we want to use that isp ?


Dears,i need to configure my Voice Gateway and PGW on my single switch i need my Voice Gateway & PGW to talk with each other at vlan 3.........and at the same time i need Voice Gateway to talk with other devices in VLAN 4 can i do this scenario if ye...


helloi find in cisco web site how to configure RSVP but not how RSVP works.i have some questions:-1- must RSVP be configured in all routers that separate source to destination? or just the 2 extremities?-2-can you explain more the RSVP neighbor conce...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Question re: applying nat to an interface

I am working on a 2801 router that has been set up with nat on the inside and outside interface as so:interface Outsideip nat outsideinterface Insideip nat insideip nat inside source route-map SDM_RMAP_1 interface FastEthernet0/0 overload <<this is ...

dan.tesch by Beginner
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dial backup on cisco 2811

I've got mutliple sites using 2811's to do site-to-site vpn's back to our central cite. I would like to setup dial backups for each router and have them dial into a central site router. I'm looking for any advise. Thanks, David

MPLS Providers - Load balancing/fail-over

We are currently switching from a point-to-point T1/E1 WAN to an MPLS network.The core consists of two Cisco 3800 routers with one DS3 going to one MPLS provider and another DS3 going to another provider for load balancing and redundancy. Ultimately ...

bernaam by Beginner
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Excluding a network from OSPF

How do I exclude a network from OSPF? I have two Point-to-Point T-1s configured with MLPPP. One of the T-1s keeps bouncing and want to take it our of the MLPPP bundle and not have any production traffic go over the link so I can test it with the ca...

terralinx by Beginner
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