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Hello,Whether the EIGRP topology table will have details of all the links in the network? or only details of links connected to its neighbours?In many documents,it is given that ,eigrp topology table will not have all the links in the netwok/AS liste...

mohdniyas by Beginner
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I have been asked to make a list of all of the switches and if the ports along with VLAN's are forwarding or blocking. I have been trying the CNA and feel that the information I need is there but I just haven't been able to view it. Any ideas?Thanx,M...

Hi,This is basically a call center setup where all external voice connections will get terminated into edge switches.We need to run iBGP between ASA5540-AIPSSM, 6500 switch having FWSM modules. eBGP will run b/w ISP & the Internet Routers, rest will ...

acharyr123 by Participant
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hi, i have two layer 3 switches and 1 router with two ethernet interfaces.Can i configure redundancy for the router, so that if one switch goes down , other switch will take up the position.Also , is etherchannel is beneficial between switch and rout...

Hi All, Can any one guide me on my following question. I have two 6500 (Sup 720) chassis with FWSM module in each. I need to configure Hot standby mode both in the switch and FWSM module .FWSM will be in multi context mode. In this multi c...

jagan_240 by Beginner
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Dear All,I am having 30 branch locations and each branch location is connected to central location with 2 Mbps leased line. At the Hub location is it possible for me to pur 30 Serial to Ethernet converter and connect the links to a L3 switch? I want ...

HiI have ordered for a Cisco 2811 Routers with 1 Port Serial Interface Card (WIC 1T Type Card) but the cable to connect to the modem i mentioned was CAB-SS-V35 type cables (10 feet Male Smart Serial Cable). Later I found that WIC 1T Card use CAB-V35 ...

Hi i've been doing a fair amount of reading about this platform but one thing has been a bit vague and that is what exactly is required to support VPDNs on the platform.I believe I need a chassis and a Supervisor Engine at the very minimum. Will a su...

support by Beginner
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