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Hello, hoping someone else may have some experience with this. I'm trying to create a simple leak-map that:1) Leaks two specific prefixes from a prefix-list2) Leaks them out a specific interface only from a Nexus 9000, config is as follows:ip prefix-...

DiverNB891 by Beginner
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I have a 3945 here for my home lab. I have noticed that with my ISP WAN connected to gi0/2 and a very basic config I can't get more than about 96Mbps internet speedtest throughput on my PC. I've tried the Ether switch module with my PC on it and also...

rafpd2215 by Beginner
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just wondering if someone can answer my questions re PRIs-----from a Cisco router, how do I find out how many PRIs are at a site? Is there any other Cisco tool available to find this out?-if there are 5 PRIs on a site, how can I find out number of ca...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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 HiI'm experiencing an issue with the DMVPN links on LTE networks. Its an intermittent problem but I regularly find that the Tunnel is showing UP UP on the hub and spoke but "SHOW DMVPN" showing on the spoke side that the link is down which then caus...

I am seeing large no. of input queue int fa4/0/1    FastEthernet4/0/1 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware is i82543 FastEthernet Interface, address is 001c.b0b7.9a00 (bia 001c.b0b7.9a00)  Description: <>  Internet address i...

I have two questions. 1. I have a 2911 router. How do I reset the router without deleting the contents of the flash memory? I do not want to lose what's in the flash memory 2. I want to copy the entire contents of flash memory to TFTP as a back up. I...

Clay Plaga by Participant
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Our ISP has given us a block of 16 static ip's to use.They have provided us with the following (example IP's)WAN IP: IP: IP: RANGE: - 14 Fairly straight forward. Our question is, what is the b...

louis_m by Beginner
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