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Is this feature going to be available on the Sup720 plaatform? V1 has been flaky with repeated neighers stuck in init, etc. I was hoping that the new muticast address used for hello's will solve this for us.I have been told that GLBP solves some of t...

Hello people,I have a 2500 series router that always starts in boot promt ((boot)>).The first I switch it on, I did a enable password recovery and then I always got that prompt.Note that the configuration register is correctly set to 0x2102!Once I su...

Hi, I would like to know if its possible to set up a 1700 router as a termainal server that will allow RAW Async data to be streamed. I could buy a dedicated terminal server however I have a few 1700 lying around spare and someone mentioned to me tha...

A(6509)------B(GSR)-----C(GSR)After A(6509) power off, c(GSR)not pinged to A(6509)after herefore C(GSR) added static route for A(6509), communication is no problem.but, C(GSR) cpu become 50%sh proc cpu command issue ospf process 50%routing protocol o...

yeundu by Beginner
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Hi Guys,i want to reserve bandwidth betweeb two videoconferencing equipments located at two sites. -ip address of video conf device at site -ip address of video conf device at site 2i want to reserve a bandwidth of 256 kbps betw...

i have created 2 vlans (VLAN 6 and VLAN7)in my Switch (Switch1). one of port is configured for vlan 6 (connected to switch2). i want to pass on the vlan 3 info also on to the other users on switch2. interface GigabitEthernet3/5 switchport access vlan...

gauravm by Beginner
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Hi i have a 6509-E,at H.O, there are 12 branches.i'm planning for a single E1 line at H.O & 1721 routers at branches,i'm planning to map 2 channel each to all the location's from my E1 link.So if i use WS-SVC-CMM-6E1= as a module in 6509-E is it poss...

Hi,We currently have two t1 lines from the corporate office to our warehouse. The t1's on both sides are connected to two wics on 1721 routers. We are attempting to combine the two t1s to get the full 3mbps bandwidth. I tried using the ip cef comm...

ajurado25 by Beginner
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The clients can connect to the internet through Cisco 3660 router and then going through PIX firewall, i want to give traffic such as HTTP, telnet, https, pcaynwhere and other applications the most available bandwidth, and the most important thing is...

paltel by Beginner
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Hi , I have a 7204VXR (NPE400) with 10 ATM interfaces (PA-A3-8T1IMA) and 2 Channelized T1/PRI ports, and I am experiencing a message when the router is booted or not.The message is: loki_cstate called for non-loki idb.Have someonde seen this message ...

rsoave by Beginner
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