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GreetingsI have been experiencing many total input drops on the HundredGig interfaces on my NCS 5001. I have several clients and at the moment I have not reported that the service is affected except for one service that reports frame loss.RFC 2544 ha...

I setup a DMVPN Phase 2 lab as follows in EVE.(P.S.  Etherenet1 is replaced with Ethernet 0) Now, R2 can ping R3 for the first time, but afterwards R2 no longer ping R3R1interface Tunnel0ip address ip redirectsno ip next-...

Screenshot from 2023-06-20 09-16-40.png

Hi all, I have 1 router C8300, and license network-advantage and router is register into CSSM already.I active license follow cisco guide by id token and transport smart ( default and url)Then router is connected to CSSM and portal reported in produc...

ADC Lane by Beginner
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On an ISR4431 router running 16.12 i am seeing flowdrops on my class-default. The service is presented at 1000mb/s and policed to 100mb/s by the provider. Queue depth doesn't appear to be an issue. What typically causes flow drops on an uncongested l...

jmcgrady1 by Beginner
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lets say we have R1(AS-100) peering with R2 (As-200) when you do show tcp brief on R1 you saw TCP connection is not established . You need to give proofs to customer that there is no issue from local end (R1 side) what are the troubleshooting approac...

Hey, we have this router and want to know if the license installed is classic or smart, and perpetual or subscribed.#sh license allSmart Licensing Status====================== Smart Licensing is ENABLED License Conversion:Automatic Conversion Enabled...