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Hello,I built a network using IPv4, used RIPv2 as routing protocol and it worked well. I then tried to also add IPv6 to the network. I did the IPv6 unicast-routing and added the addresses to all the connections. However, when I try to auto configure ...

Boda by Level 1
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Resolved! RIP not working

Hello guys,I'm still new here so, I apologize in advance if I posted the question incorrectly.I'm trying to create a network that consists of 2 buildings. Each building has 3 floors and each floor has its own local network. Below is the IP table for ...

Boda by Level 1
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I currently have a route-map in that goes through an access list and if you match the ACL the next-hop is something different then the gateway of last resort.  If I want something to go the default route, I just deny the ip on the ACL.   Now there wi...

Hi everyone,  I quickly wanted to find out if it would be possible to buy an ISR4431/K9 and later install a PVDM4 on the Subs slot on the PRI Card? If you could please assist.  Thank you 

Dear All, How to set boot system parameter before reloading the router.I have upload the bundle image via TFTP. I want to run this new image, but how to set the boot system parameter ?Normal routers are easy to upgrade, here I can see hypervisor, Gue...

Dear, Thanks in advance.I want to increase the latency of a sub-interface p2p IP and other services running through this VLAN. Example: Sub interface VLAN ID: 100 ( Te0/1/0/1.100)Current Usage: 100MbCurrent latency 1ms at p2p and other services 20/30...

Using show crypto ipsec sa we can get SPI, transform algorithms and etc, but it doesn't show ESP encryption keys.Is there is a way to get it?For instance, FortiGate has diagnose VPN tunnel list command which allows it.

Egor222 by Level 1
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Hi All, I am intending to do this in virtual environment and thinking if it is a limitation.Public pool of address > assign to my network101.10.10.1 on the peer ISP sideI created loopback interface on ISP side for the purpose ...

Hi, I have this current setup, two sg550 switches connected to a 3750 which is in turn has an external connection to the internet.from the 3750, i can ping both sg550 and also over the internet.what i want to be able to do is ping fro...