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Hello Expert, I using a 892 router and would like to create  site to site vpn using DH group 14but this not displayed as an option only DH group 5 is visible.Is DH group 14 support o the model router and if it is how to enable same. RegardsJomo

Hello, hope there'd be someone to share some "CISCO luminous sparks" in my network issue.I have a network where we plan to configure three VLANs for our internal network using private ip address space.We are using an ISR Cisco 892 FSP router which ha...

Hi FriendsI have taken Cisco IOS backup using TFTP server, using the commandCopy flash tftp Now i need to restore the backup IOS file again from TFTP server to flash.but my flash drive is not having enough if i delete current IOS file in fla...

prince.p by Level 1
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Hello All,I'd like to aks your help, I am getting out of ideas ...I am working on a solution to enable  multicast feature in a small MPLS network and "playing" with different solutions. However, I had to realise that something is wrong. There is a sm...

Hey guys, i really need your help. So i have this homework and a don't know what to do anymore. I am a CCNA 2 student so i am a begginer I need to configureR1 with next hop routeR2 with exit interfaceR3 with default default static route with next hop...

Good day, I'm configuring CSC using EBGP labeled unicast and having problem with the CEs resolving routes. The minimal working example is:                                                                                                 ...

tomc.pnnl by Level 1
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Hello,If I got two ISP source plug to WAN1 and WAN2, is it possible to config this router's LAN1-8 use WAN1, and LAN9-16 use WAN2?I'm trying to do this by setting VLAN but both WAN setting dim the VLAN part and I can't config about itThank you.

MiyaRei by Level 1
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