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 dears  can you support me by providing your comments on the below-planned design and share the configuration template? attached the networrk diagram: below requirements to be achieved in configration 1-connect bANK BRANCH IP CAMERAS via IT BRANCH ro...

AHMADJ by Level 1
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Experts, I'm trying to understand if EIGRP can detect and make decisions based on packet loss over a path.  This doesn't seem to be related to delay or bandwidth metrics we can manipulate, and reliability doesn't seem to change even when there's pack...

I'm new to Cisco Edge Router configuration and I am working on connecting the IR829 router to cell data via a Verizon SIM card. Auto-sim should be enabled but all cellular profiles stay INACTIVE.  Physical ObservationsVerizon SIM card is plugged in S...

JiovanniRo by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I have a strange network setup and what I want to achieve is to RDP into an internal computer from the outside word. The basic setup is as following Basic ISP router ( Internet / ) -> Cisco Router ( ) ->  Sw...

tsak by Level 1
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Good day all, We have an old cisco 880 series router that is being used at one of our small offices to act as wan router.This router has port fa1 which connects to a cisco layer2 switch & vlan1 on this router provides connection to the office.interfa...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Dear Team , I am bit confuse on NSF and graceful restart.Are NSF and graceful restart same feature in OSPF point  or these are separate features ?   Could anyone help me to clear this point ?Is there any good study material bout it ?    

Hello everybody,I have Cisco 892FSP with Gi 8 Uplink and 2 inside interfaces Gi0-1: interface GigabitEthernet8description UPLINKip address!interface GigabitEthernet0switchport access vlan 238no ip addressno lldp transmitno...

Hi all, I want to know about the INTF DMVPN state.And I also want to know about this below command:->>>>>>  ip nhrp nhs x.x.x.x nbma y.y.y.y multicast My testing for this command is :R4#sh run int t0Building configuration...Current configuration : 22...

Hi,I am struggle with a routing or nat issue from branch IOS router (C927) to ASA (9.5), I am able to successfully establish a IKEv2 connection to ASA from C927 and can successfully route traffic on branch network to datacenter but only to one of man...

geoffFx by Level 1
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Resolved! Home Lab

Hello everyone, I'm new to networking and cisco i'm studying for my ccna and someone is selling a kit of older equipment for a really really fare price. I was wondering if its useful or not to help with the ccna. Here is a list of everything i would ...

Good morning Community,just quick question that is really a pain in the arse for me as I can't explain the behaivior of the cisco and the attached devices.As you can see in the attachment I have a setup that contains basically two VPN Tunnels. As I'm...