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CRC and other port errors to syslog

Hi, We have a bunch of 2911 and 4331 (and a few 2800 left) routers in branch offices around the world. Is there a way to get these routers to log when port errors occur? Like any input/output interface errors, especially CRC/FCS? Or is the only optio...

Tboss99 by Beginner
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ASR1001-X Password Recovery

Hello all. We have followed the process for Password recovery, but all the box does is boot back in to rommon mode, nothing else.     Also, if No password recovery was entered in to original config, how can we restore if this was the case?   Thanks i...

lowfell by Participant
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Resolved! Cisco 1841 and Starlink - need help

First I know the c1841 is 10/100 only.  Starlink has a GigE uplink, but still, will it work? I'm not asking for a theoretical answer, I know theoretically it should work, I want to know will it work? I have put this config (see below) on mine and tes...

Resolved! Tftp issue with new devices (9300 & 3850)

cant copy the config files from these swicthes...   error logs    DC1XCIK1#copy startup-config tftp:Address or name of remote host []? filename [DC1xcik1-confg]?!.....%Error writing tftp:// (Timed ou...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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EIGRP load-balancing though not meeting FC

Hi,    I'm studying for my CCIE and exercising with EIGRP.  All my exercises are done in CML2, using IOS Version 15.9(3)M3.    In my last LAB I was playing around with different paths and how adjusting the metric changes the FD, CD and RD.  The Route...

mlan by Beginner
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SNMP user in SNMP group not applying ACL

Hi Guys/Gals,    I am having trouble understanding the use of ACL' s in SNMP groups and can't seem to find the exact answer.    The thing is we use SNMP groups for custom views and we would like to limit access to trusted sources via an ACL.   Howeve...

ASR1001-X with SPA Slot

Hi all, I have a question regarding ASR1001. we have used the current 2x10G ports and planning to upgrade other ports to 10G port too.i have read datasheet ASR1001 and is it possible SPA slot to support ASR1000-ESP20? i just want to confirm that only...

Hafiz_HR by Beginner
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Resolved! ISR 4331 SFP

Hi Folks Wonder if you could help have an ISR 4331 with an SFP (SFP-GB-GE-T) in interface G0/0/2. It is set for auto negotiation and negotiates to 100M/Full duplex to an ADVA NTE. Although the interface comes up I am seeing CRC errors. The circuit th...

pbelletty by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Global RIB vs Adj-RIB-Out

) Now in the snippet below step 5 mentions "Install the best-path route into the global RIB, process outbound rules... then advertise to BGP peers" My question is this statement referring to the best route being advertised from the global-RIB or the ...

2.png 2.png
hfakoor222 by Participant
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Null interface drop packets

Hello, l need to advertise by BGP two host IP addresses for example and, they belong one subnet /24, terminating on subinterface. I need to advertise to one bgp peer, to another bgp peer, but in routing...