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About L2TPv3 Addition Header Values and MTU

I have an Internet VPN on a Cisco router between my headquarters and branch offices. The WAN line is a flet. Since one of the VLAN's headquarters needs to be extended to the branch office side, the pseudowire was formed using the L2TPv3 function betw...

Translator by Community Manager
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Routing help for inter VLAN...

Ok, so after issues with VRF and NAT I have decided to make a configuration to our ISP. The goal it to provide Wireless users on their own VLAN (126) to get out to the internet. We have a simple network layout, with Clients > APs > Distribution (L2 V...


ASR-1002-x IOS upgrade issue

hello  we have cisco ASR1002-X and we try to upgrade it to asr1002x-universalk9.16.06.07.SPA after we restart the router it enter in restarting loop and show this messages now i can't do anything to router   Initializing Hardware ... System integrit...

Resolved! Doubt about OSPF and longest match

Hi guys, can anyone help me with a problem here? I was having trouble understanding the longest match rule for selecting the best route, I researched about it and finally I understood, but then another doubt came to me, using the OSPF protocol, I con...

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Resolved! Multicast-IGMP

Hello, I have a question. I have a network with only routers. I have three igmp groups on three routers. I have configured IGMP only with the command : ip igmp join-group ..... . I have pim sparse with Auto-rp and sparse-dense mode. My question is if...

Resolved! What function does this etherchannel have ?

Hello I just came across a Cisco config guide for HSRP and I was wondering what function does this etherchannel have.1. Is it a switched port-channel or EIGRP ?2.What does it contribute with to the network ? If DLS1 falils, his DLS2 will become defau...

Eriknx by Beginner
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Hello,Suppose I have two switches connected back to back as shown in the attached picture and If I generate exactly 1 gig of traffic from PC 1, how will the traffic flow? will it get load balanced or it will pass through a particular interface? I hav...