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Hi guys.. picture this 3 routers scenario: R1<-------->R2<-------->R3 R2 is using a BVI interface to bridge traffic from R1 to R3 (both routers configured in the same segment). I'm trying to tag some traffic from R1 to R3 using a policy-map, but have...

Hello everyone, im a bit new to cisco configuration but i have big wish to learn. I have a situation here. Been trying to configure cisco 881 router tru ios for internet access, i have dynamic isp, ive been playing with this thing for a while now, an...

Vitalij by Beginner
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Hello,I am currently working on a project with equipment from several manufacturers.I would like to know if I can use UDP-jitter and UDP-echo between my Cisco equipments and my Fortigate and Stormshield firewalls.In reality almost every supplier uses...

MadyS by Spotlight
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Hello All,I have same problem so i have nat forwarding already in place : ip nat inside source static tcp 443 443 extendable and i want to spesisific ip pub accessing 443 will be redirect to 443 Can s...

dpsw120 by Beginner
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Hi, Looking to build a small core environment , something with a minimum of 36 sfp ports (able to support fibre/copper sfp's), port speeds not important as wont be exceeding 1Gb.Support for OSPF a must as is some kind of failover/redundancy , however...

pwiscott by Beginner
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