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What’s New? IOS XE 17.9 Routing Release​ Update

Numerous enhancements to Cisco's routing portfolio were introduced with the release of IOS XE Cupertino 17.9 on August 30, 2022. Among the technologies updated in this release are security, virtual platforms, voice, quality of service, services, scal...

oharcour_0-1661885941340.png oharcour_2-1661885941341.png oharcour_3-1661885941341.png oharcour_4-1661885941342.png
oharcour by Cisco Employee
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ISR 4331 SVI disabling

I deploy ISR 4331 Routers with a SM-X-ES3-24-P installed (EOL, I know, we're working to move to a new module eventually) to multiple offsite platforms that all have identical (minus IPs and names) configurations. Lately, I've had two separate platfor...

JD West by Beginner
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Physical Dimensions ISR 4461

Can someone please provide the actual dimensions of the ISR 4461, the data sheet ( lists the incorrect height, which makes...

I couldn't apply ACL on SVI Cisco ESS-3300 Switch

I have  Switch ESS-3300 NCP Version 17.06.02 (Network-Advantage)I want to apply ACL, but I couldn't apply it on interface Vlanthe configuration as shownswitch1(config)#interface VLAN 4switch1(config-if)#ip access?% Unrecognized commandwhen trying to ...

B-Mac by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Flowspec and RTBH

Hello and welcome to all of you.Please can someone help me to understand the BGP RTBH and FLOWSPEC. actually i have read some documents but not understanding. If anyone have GNS3 or EVE-NG lab including config file. Please help me to understand this ...

seddeeq4 by Beginner
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CISCO 2951 Router Reboot

Hello,Has anyone had an issue with a CISCO 2951 Router rebooting itself. When checking the show version for last reload, I am getting this following error: System returned to ROM by address error at PC 0x652B79C, address 0xDEADBEFB. Any insight on th...

OSPF flapping

I am having a problem in my OSPF network. I have a connectivity with my ISP via OSPF that connects us to a remote site but the neighborship keeps flapping. The neighborship is via a sub-interface, there are 3 other subinterfaces on the same physical ...

misaleh by Beginner
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4321 router boot problem

hi,suddenly I ahve problem with router after power outage .... stuck in loop. Any way out of this? Initializing Hardware ...Checking for PCIe device presence...%ERROR: Critical device not found on 00:02.00doneSystem integrity status: 0x610Rom image v...